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The Simple Pleasures: Lifestyle Loves

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Happy Tuesday,

Without fail...this new trend of me waking up at 1 am...without an starting to persist. Mind you, I did set an alarm for midnight today, so that I could get some "work" done before I started my actual shift at 2 pm this afternoon. As much as I want to sleep...I can't till this evening. I am juggling both clients, and a day sometimes...a little extra energy must be expended...especially if the client requests are at the last minute. As a start...from yesterday's cleaning adventures...the comforter is now very clean...and I'll set a reminder to refresh it every two to three weeks or so when I'm deep cleaning. I also took the time to take down the shower curtain...wash it, as well as refresh the shower liner. The place is spotless.

In last Sunday's March Favorites video, yours truly started talking about the adventures at the supermarket. Particularly with respect to the fact that I've started making my own "fast" food towards the end of the week. About three weeks ago...yours truly started craving fries. Next week I'll step it up. Essentially, I was thinking of upgrading to something like fish and chips for the Friday...when I get home from work. Inspired by Lisa Nichol's story of when she first started her business...I'm in a similar boat...twenty years later. You're never alone in life. Student in restoration...running a small business, aiming to return to school. Lol. So I decided to upgrade the adventure and make the food journey more exciting. I actually like to cook...under the right circumstances.

In terms of my adventures...when I was in my MBA, I used to purchase those flavored Oven Fries...and had those as a snack for the few early days that I had at home in the week. On a similar vein...I've started exploring the frozen food section of the supermarket and discovered that there were frozen plain french fries. Since the fries don't come pre-flavored...I've taken the liberty of seasoning them to my liking. There's a deep fryer in the house...but I simply use a saucepan with about an inch of oil...and achieve the same objective. For one serving...I use half a pound of fries. I let the fries defrost in the fridge for a few hours...then fry them once the oil is nice and hot, as either a mid-morning snack at around 11 am on Monday, and also on Friday evenings once I'm home from work. I let the fries simmer for about two to three minutes in the hot oil...till they're golden brown, and then take them out and place them in a small bowl with a paper towel to drain the excess oil. The finished exactly as depicted in the image.

Re seasoning...if I'm not feeling too fussy, I take the time to sprinkle a mixture of salt and pepper. If I'm feeling like I need some more pizzazz, I take the time to add some seasonings like paprika, or a little oregano. I still use ketchup as the condiment of choice, but I take the time to ensure that even on their own...the fries are tasty. There's just something about hot fries!!! It's the utmost in terms of ensuring that I'm satisfying certain cravings on a budget. I don't deprive myself thankfully, and take the time to do everything that I normally do...while I'm on my journey. You must do what you can to stay MOTIVATED! When I was at home...our breadfruit tree was instead of fries...I made breadfruit "chips". For those who want an alternative...breadfruit chips with a little salt and also delicious!!

On the beauty journey, my skin is nice and smooth this week. As a chemist, working in a Chemistry department, I do have some entrepreneurial co-workers. One of my co-worker's Jason, has started a small business that makes cosmetics. I'm part of his focus group. Essentially, he's created a mixture with various soothing skin elements and I've been testing it on and off for a few weeks. The formula actually works, and I'll ask him for some more this week.

Additionally, I've been back to a favorite of mine...Beauty Formulas Charcoal clay mask. It works! After seeing that excellent effects were being gained from products like Glam Glow...I decided to attempt my own budget version of that product for my current interim. I'm finding that the Beauty Formulas mask ( which retails for approximately US$3.00) actually gets the job done. I plan to use the mask twice per week. I used it on Sunday night...and notice that my skin is smoother, in combination with the current formula that I'm testing.

The third lifestyle love that I'm enjoying is the hustle. As you guys know...I'm awake at 2 am writing this...because I have work to do before starts. Last Friday...when I was walking into my lab session...I came across the following in session. There are occasional activities bubbling on campus. About two weeks before was Caribbean Day if you recall. This past Friday, I was walking past a craft fair right across the Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts. Watching all of the proceedings actually made me realize that there are always outlets for things that you love. Growing up in the arts...(I actually drove past the school of dance last week)'s always nice to see when artists show their craft.

I'm creative...but in a more modern way. Even in body is built for ballet and modern dance, and not so much for other traditional dances. I know my own element...but also love to see when others are in their elements as well. In the an artist that graciously allowed me to take a picture for my blog. As you can see from the image...there were several stalls on the campus lawn. He just happened to be the one nearest to me. In his display...he has a series of natural jewellry items for both men and women. The men's items are closer to the front of the image. These include items like bracelets and arm bands, and also the man purse like you'll find at Aldo. That is in the bottom right of the image. Only the metros can pull that one off! Lol. There was this one law-MBA student in the business school...and I totally see him rocking that look. All he wore...were suits and he was Mr Dapper.

Further more ethnic women's jewelry. Those are the necklaces that you see on the rack. The whole display was just too pretty for me not to share. For persons who are creative...sites like Etsy are great for you. I was once thinking of using that service to do things like create art for distribution, when I'm settled. If you're good at things like making decorative picture frames. Martha Stewart had done a demonstration where she used rustic items like pine cones, dried twigs and moss to create a country inspired theme for a guest bedroom. Things like that give me life:)

You just have to use your imagination. Life truly is a journey...and once you realize which player you are in the flow...the entire process itself actually pans out in your favor!

I love you for reading!! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. This is my lifelong project:) As with anything of takes a little time to perfect! I don't judge myself too much. It's just me and my webcam right now. All I want for a DSLR camera so that I can create better content! Thank you Santa!


**Dr T**

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