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The Simple Pleasures: Relaxing Saturdays

Hi Guys,

Happy Saturday!! Pardon the delay in today's post. This is week five of twelve (the countdown persists) and this morning...all I felt like doing was eating and sleeping till about 1 pm. Once a week...I feel like this. I the last day of my labs for the week...and I pretty much have to find every ounce of energy I can to finish the session. So yes...I envision a goal...and work from that perspective. It just makes the process of doing things...a little more exciting.

Now that it's Saturday, we can focus on the happier non-professional things. I have a haul intended for about a month from now. I literally see what I want as I head to work each day. Since I'm planning a about two to three months...I'm actually on a sandal hunt. I'm planning to invest in a pair of Bridget Sandals (a popular Jamaican high end brand) for the vacation...but I've found some interesting dupes on my daily adventures for about $5.00 each...which we'll compare in a few weeks. I can probably get about five dupes for the price of the one Bridget I might just get them all...and do a sandal haul. In my off time...these are the things I conjure up. The work-life balance.

In order to accomplish the various future goals I have...the minimalist life persists. At this stage...I have about six months you all can count down with me the restoration of my baller status. I pretty much moved out of town to save on rent and commute three days a week to accomplish this mission. I have also have invested in generic products for the few well as started a business to earn more revenue for the bigger cash outlays to come in the year. It's an interesting life...and I'm finding myself achieving the objective as the weeks progress. I feel free and more motivated.

The week's winner (my JA $100 find) is pictured above. JA$100 is a little less than U$1.00. Every mission is to find a fresh $100 that I can keep life interesting. This can be anything from clothing to household items that I need. I found some $100 for the new week...I'll get one. The time is very hot...and camisoles are helpful for wearing at home...with a nice pair of leggings.

Tomorrow...we'll resume our house hunt....and take another walk down the road. Sunday is our dream sessions as I mentioned...and the inspiration for the new week comes from these half an hour walks for me. I hope you enjoy your Saturday. Just chillaxing!!! I can't be superwoman every day!!


**Dr T**

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