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The Stay At Home Entrepreneur's Guide to Staying Organized

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Being a millennial is an interesting journey. For those who have lived before us, life was "hard" because certain norms that we have readily at our fingertips, were a luxury when certain previous generations were currently at our stage. I currently run a business from my flat, and my landlady thinks I'm a "crook" because back in her time, people got up and went to work. "Work" for me, now that I'm not teaching is simply waking up and turning my computer on, and delivering the services that my clients need on a daily or weekly basis. If my clients need me, they'll either email me or send me a message via Whatsapp. Life is good and all is well.

As a general background for those who are new to my blog, I am a Chemical Engineer, currently on a sabbatical from professional and academic life. I have been at home on a recovery path since December 2017 from an attempt to pursue an MBA. I've lived at home with my parents for a year (2018), and about four months ago in January 2019 moved out on my own. I am currently in the process of submitting PhD applications, and when I get that "YES!!!" I will begin my PhD in either Engineering or in Management. Life is simple enough and you just allow it to unfold.

I worked the past six months as a Chemistry tutor at my former alma mater and SAVED that money. In the meantime however, I run a small consultancy firm on the medium Upwork, and am learning a few other online business ventures behind the scenes which we will discuss in due time. I currently work from home, and it's the most liberating experience I've had in my entire existence. With such freedoms however, I find the need to organize my life, since I now am responsible for my own time. The semester ended about a week ago and I'm simply revelling in the fact that I am now free. I will work hard to ensure that I have this ability forever pretty much. You learn your lessons in life.

Freedom is something that I treasure. Working for others, and renting is not something that I intend to do forever, but on the road to your destiny, it's one of the things that you have to do in order to achieve financial freedom. Unless you were already born rich ( and even then...many rich parents have their children work before they receive certain inheritances in order to understand the value of money), you will more than likely have to work for a while, save and invest and create a business or investments that will earn for you. Automating my income is a desire I had a few months ago...when I was feeling exhausted at work. The good news is from your earnings you can create the lifestyle that you want. The following is how I manage to organize my time. I have always thrived on schedules, and as they say, if you have no direction, any where will go. As a start, I am very intentional when it comes to each season of my life. I went through the process of planning my year, so this is the quarter of my PhD applications part two. The following is how I run my schedule, with all the factors to be considered:

5 am: Wake Up and Meditate for I hour and 11 minutes. I usually listen to meditation music by either Nu Meditation Music, or by ZenLifeRelax. This primes my mind and I focus on my intention to pursue my PhD.

6 15 am: Motivational video. If miss this, I'll listen while I'm in the shower or when I'm preparing breakfast. Sometimes you have to multi-task. While cutting up onions and pre-seasoning my chicken for dinner, I'll do something like listen to an episode of Impact Theory or Impact Quotes and get my boost of motivation for the day.

7 am: Write a blog article. I do this daily (sometimes...I'm late because I oversleep...these things happen because I might be up studying) but since I'm on my own time really doesn't matter. I still get it done...because I practice the principle of discipline and progress. In the Richest Man In Babylon, one of the stories stresses the importance of doing what you said you would do. If you told yourself you were going to do it! So regardless of the time I wake up the next day...I still go through the motions of getting things done.

8 am: One hour of exercise. Essentially, I found that the semester, which had me standing for about eight hours per day in the labs, and it really took a toll on my legs. I now have started experiencing slight swelling. Interestingly, one of my clients is an orthopedic surgeon that I'm doing social media activities I've started paying more attention to my feet. With swelling, circulation is key, so I've been exercising and doing a lot of cardio, as well as taking hot showers at nights in order to ensure that my system is up and running like clockwork.

9 am: Breakfast Time

11 am: Work. This varies as I mentioned. Between my client's demands and my studies, I usually work for about six hours.

5 pm: I break for a moment. If I have laundry that I've done, I'll fold it, or if I have housework to do, I'll simply do it at this time. I meal prep, so I don't need to cook every day, but if I do cook, it will be for two hours.

7 pm: I settle back into my work flow. At this time, my brain is usually tired, so I'll relax and watch Hallmark Movies ( I still have a vendetta against Hallmark Movies...but I watch them every The girl never ends up with the hot guy...she always ends up with her comfort friend. In real life...we'd all prefer the stud with charisma, sex appeal, the BMW and the metro-ness!! It's not

9 pm: I relax into the evening's flow. I aim to follow Jim Kwik's method of mirroring. End the day, like you started it. I usually stretch, and then shower, and focus on my intentions for the quarter. I find the process of relaxing, setting your mind for sleep, and then acting out of an intentional activity, keeps me calmer and more focused. I'm not worried because I know what's coming next.

10 pm: Sleep. This is my personal schedule. In terms of behind the scenes personal life...that does exist, but for the purposes of the blog and social media in general, they remain protected.

In terms of structure, it currently exists but I'm not rigid. There's a point at which you allow yourself to flow, even if there's a path ahead. I've learned that we really need to be like willow trees and allow life to take us where it wills. In the instant that you feel resistance, you simply allow yourself to flow.

Enjoy creating your life! The key is to remain happy! For some strange reason...hate exists...even when you're there just being mellow, it's almost like people can't believe your life really is as you depict it. You can have whatever you want...just be strong enough to live each day to the fullest!!!


**Dr T**

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