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The Sweet Stash: Keeping Life Exciting!!

Welcome back to the blog!!

Yours truly is happy to announce that the new week is a grand and exciting one!! Why am I so excited you ask...because I control the level of activity that I do, and my energy level!! Too many of us...depend on the outside world to keep us entertained and happy. True happiness comes from within. The greatest sages on the planet...have told us all that we are responsible for our own happiness. Happiness won't come from your job, your spouse, or the external world...your level of excitement in life...will have to come from yourself.

Yours truly runs her errands once per week (this will increase of course when I'm consulting full time) and I visit the holy grail of holy grails...Woolworth's. Aside from the fact that I pick up my beauty supply items from this store...I do routinely pick up some items for my work desk. The grand tomes on the blog...and my Instagram take time to edit, and I ensure that while I'm editing...I'm having a little fun!! As a child who grew up with a sweet tooth...I'm surprised at the fact that I'm able to curtail these cravings in my current condition.

My weekly visits to Woolworth's do include food...and I'm proud to show you part of my stash:) I say part...because I usually eat some of it...on my way home from the shops. The what I was disciplined enough to save for you all. With my shopping...I do pick up the following items:

1) Chocolates: In the picture an idea of what my weekly stash looks like. Four of the six items in the list are chocolate based. I don't think that we were brain washed to love chocolate...I think it's something that we pretty much just all predominantly love. I've been loving Toco Loco as a chocolate. It's one of those that comes with the wafer inside, and I'm really enjoying the process of just eating one at my tea break at lunch time. This week, I took the time to pick up the coconut and the vanilla one, and I find that they are the ideal snack to enjoy during the days. When you own your schedule, it's nice to have that incentive to progress...and the sweets for me...act as the target for me as the day progresses.

2) Sweets: Yours truly is a lover of Skittles. If I could eat one sweet candy for the rest of my would be the purple Wildberry Skittles. They are everything. If you're on a budget however...they can be on the pricey side...and while going through the sweet section at Woolworth's, I discovered that the store carried a brand called Frutoos. Interestingly, the items actually look like Skittles and I decided to try them for comparison. For half the price, they ended up being a hit!! They have the essence of Skittles, but interestingly aren't as sweet. So far...they will suffice, and I find that in my weekly activities...once I have a craving for something sweet...they come in handy. I have a sweet once I place the items in there...I don't always remember that I have them in there...but in those moments where I'm feeling like I could use a snack, such as those moments where I've been working for a few hours at my blog or YouTube channel...they are the perfect way for me to push through for an additional hour or two.

3) Chocolate covered peanuts: I'm one of those people...who always makes a way. At any budget...I can tell you what's really good. If all you have is JMD$'ll love these. The conversion is just about USD$0.15...and you get just the right amount of chocolate. These Cheers packs and Ping Pongs, are comparable to M and M's and the M and M's peanuts. They are amazing!! I always treat myself when I'm out...and these are the ideal treat for those moments where I don't want to spend a lot...or when I feel like I want to capitalize on bulk items.

For my productivity stash this week, the above will carry me through. I will take the time this week, to ensure that I'm not exhausting the stash. I tend to eat one every other this set of six will last me for two weeks. Especially in these times where I'm challenging myself to be more disciplined and stick to my output in terms of work flow...these actually work quite well for keeping me motivated! You just have to do what you have to stay motivated!!

I've mentioned before that I keep a schedule, and the incentive for sticking to that this stash. Studies have shown that individuals are driven by incentives, and I'm sure that every one who owns their business like I do...finds ways to push themselves through a task in order to accomplish things. Aside from purchasing items like clothing and jewellry for myself....the smaller milestones are achieved and the victories celebrated via the sweets on a daily basis. You just work with what works for you...and your own life.


The week is a time scale that all of us have lived countless times. As a productivity expert, one of the things that I've been teaching myself to do is to actually optimize my time. As time progressed, I realized that there were simply some weeks that I didn't feel like spending the few hours to wash and style my hair.

Once April rolled around, I decided that it was time for a change. With the change, I decided to dedicate a few hours to styling my hair via passion twists. The passion twists came out as outlined above. In a process I'll describe further on Wednesday videos, I chose to do this so that I'll have more time to read. As an engineer, I have some visions for the year ahead, and I decided that I wanted to be able to spend more time working on my business, and also working on my career.

With the extra hours in April, I have time to take an online beauty course and I also have time to expand on professional continuing development. In this activity, what I do is practice things like Project Management, which enables me to serve my clients better. I am enjoying the process of being well rounded, and with each passing week, I feel myself learning and growing.

On my Monday segments, we take the time to ensure that we are getting our lives in order!! For this week...we work on our sweet stash (or your peanut and dry fruit stash for the healthier among us) and just allow yourself to celebrate small victories as you proceed in your day.

I believe in making every day a special one!! I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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