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The Unfolding Summer: How to Make Life More Interesting

If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t walk run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Life is what you make it! Yours truly woke up this morning...and decided that it was going to be a GREAT day!!! One of the exciting things that I've been doing to make my life more fun, is the process of journalling my journey. This past Wednesday at the supermarket...I picked up the journal in the image above! This is part one of this week's $1.00 find. Part two is the hot cocoa and the For hot chocolate...I love French Vanilla and marshmallows...and this week they only had the one with Nutmeg! Either way...I don't mind...this is this week's comfort food. It's been raining on and off this week...and I can snuggle and read!

As mentioned, over the past three weeks, I've settled into a flow and started priming my mind for what will come next. I kept writing my dreams and wishes on my note paper which I use for study practice, and decided that I needed something specifically dedicated to my mission. As I was walking around the supermarket, I realized that they had these $1.00 notebooks, and I decided that this was what I was looking for. Every morning...I've been writing the story as I want it to flow. I literally wake up...and write my intentions. It varies every day of course but the main that I affirm that I am leaving Jamaica in start my new adventures! As I feel happy and excited about the change, I find that I flow through the day better. I get things done because there's a purpose behind them. This one activity is the most liberating thing that I've done in a while.

The benefits of writing things down is that they pin your mind to a goal. While the path to the goal may change...the most critical thing is to ensure that you are keeping it in sight. In the past I've mentioned that I listen to Impact Quotes and watch Impact Theory weekly, in order to prime my mind for what's ahead. Taking the advice of individuals who are successful, I practice what is said. Journalling...was mentioned in Robin Sharma's episode, and I thought it a brilliant idea to write the future I want while I have the flexibility to do so. You have the right to create the life you want. That's the whole point of a free will.

Your Turn:

Is your life how you want to it be? If not...why not pause this blog article...and take ten minutes to write out what you desire. Is is a better house? A promotion? Children? A fabulous wedding? To migrate to another country? To purchase a new car? To be more spiritual? To be able to provide your family with the life of their dreams? Regardless of what it is...ensure that it's a heart felt desire....and as you pin your mind to that idea....over will start finding a way to make it happen.

Image Credits: Google Images

My readership will know that I love nice cars! I don't know if I'll ever own a Lamborghini...but my former boss once told me a tale about about process efficiency...and challenged us to calculate our savings in Lamborghini value. As children, we learned best by fantasy and some how in life, many persons become numbed by reality. My former boss was always the biggest dreamer I knew...and he's now in Dubai managing a facility there. This week...I thought of him...and decided that it was time to me to think BIGGER. Many times we forget that we live in a modern era and end up trapping ourselves via traditional methods, without realizing that there are many paths to a goal.

With this in mind...I'm not only limiting myself to a PhD. It's still a goal I'm working towards and it will happen because of my intentions...but watching some of my favorite YouTubers has made me realize that the sky's the limit!!! So...the current intention is to do BOTH... run my business and to keep learning and growing as a contributer to industry. Who says...that life has to be one dimensional! If we can multi-task, then we can dedicate equal times to our studies and to our businesses! What I'm aiming to to live that limitless life. While there is such a thing as opportunity cost...there's also the ability to sequence activities. For those who have ever observed the greats like Elon Musk...realize that he has MULTIPLE businesses. Don't limit yourself. The only boundaries that exist...are the ones that we set for ourselves!!!


Image Credits: Caribbean Fashion Week

Bear with me people...Q2 is quiet, but life is happening behind the scenes. For those in Jamaica...Caribbean Fashion Week will be held on June 13-16, 2019. The event is usually annual and for some interesting reason...they didn't have it last I missed it!!! I've interned at this experience for three years in a row while an undergrad. My friend John whom I've spoken about in the past...was a stylist, make up artist and hairdresser...and he was one of the few people that I could bond with where fashion was concerned. He was the Stanford to my Carrie! John and I met, when I was planning a fashion show the year after undergrad. It was one of those moments you can't explain...but it's serendipitous! We had hired a big wig to plan a fashion show on dressing for success for students and the man bailed on us as the last minute. We literally had a weekend...and a few days till the following weekend in order to pull off the event. In distress....I told a friend of mine...who introduced me to John...that very day!

That mom took John and I shopping...and we got all the fabric, glitter and accessories for the runway. By Monday we had the clothes sorted! We had the models sourced from the week prior and by grace...we had the dress rehearsal on the Tuesday night. Wednesday was the show. John was one of those angels from heaven. All the music, layout, lighting, styling...was done by him...for absolutely FREE! He's now in New York the fashion MECCA!! Are we surprised?? Absolutely not. Your dream and your gifts will make room for you!!!

So any way...all this rambling was to mention that we are going on the Sunday!!! There's usually a major waiting to find out who that is!! In the past when I interned we had : Kelly Rowland, Brian McKnight, Sean Paul and others...hence me choosing that particular day. If the lighting will allow...I will delve into Caribbean Fashion and show you who's on display. There are some major Caribbean labels that showcase...and also photographers from both Europe and America that participate in the event.

Normal life is okay...still waiting on change...but every now and then...there's a burst of enthusiasm!!!

Have a great day!!!


**Dr T**

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