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THE Valentine's Day Gift Idea for HER

Inspired by various sources this week, I'm of the impression that what we women really want for Valentine's Day 2019 is a good deep tissue massage along with our spouse. For grins...if you listen to Zip 103 Fm long enough in a'll hear that ad about "Honey...Zip is having a dance off...and if we win...we get MASSAGES!" That entire scene penetrated my consciousness like no the point where later that evening...I was watching the movie War Room...and the woman asked her husband for the SAME thing - a massage. Why? Because its genuinely warranted, women run the world behind many scenes...and life and the world takes its toll on us. We all have to be strong enough to fulfill our roles because people depend on us.

As time progresses, we absorb energy from our surroundings and it gets trapped in our bodies as tension that must be released. Aside from the usual methods of treatment like meditation and exercise...massages are the ultimate way to remove the subconscious tension that we carry. My group's study indicated that millennials are the most stressed generation for various factors. Mind rules over all, so great care must be taken in that realm. We want to fulfill ourselves professionally, have material wealth, AND create a legacy- endeavors that all that require dedication and focus. Life is a little more complicated for us now...and energy management is the key to longevity. I can't stress this enough for all of us.

Gentlemen, for that special lady in your life treat her to the luxuries that you know she deserves. Even if you do certain things yourself...she'll appreciate you no matter what. Now's the time to organize for that rose-mantic occasion. (I can


**Dr T**

My work schedule am on the grind today. Here's the song of the day from Jah Cure!! Much love!!!

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