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The Value of the Internship

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Happy Friday!!!

Welcome to our happy place:) It's amazing the things that go on behind the scenes in life. The week's flow was interesting to say the least. Two pleasant and welcome surprises came to me this week so I really can't complain:) Thank you all:) I love you all...and the diversions were worth it. I hope to see you I have my last group session for the week today...and from last week...we identified that Friday is the day that the sessions represent my earnings for vacation:) This is the way I stay motivated. Seven weeks to go!!! Find the purpose in the Last some point I literally found myself perched beside the drying oven reclining like I was at San San beach. Lol. Enjoying the journey.

Once per a responsible citizen of planet Earth...I have opted to talk about mind and general career development. This is an interesting time as I discussed two weeks ago in my Saturday video. One of the things that I discussed was the advent of online business and platforms like Airbnb and Uber, and how the world is changing. People are becoming financially free through media like YouTube and other online businesses, real estate ventures, general investment and network marketing opportunities just to name a few. The opportunities are infinite in our current time...and it's up to us to stay open to what exists. Traditional education is not the only determining factor of success.

As a hybrid of the traditional educational system and the online world, I thought it a good idea to discuss the concept of the internship in helping to mold young persons in the career development process. We enter the school system as blank slates, and over time are exposed to a nice spread of topics, and then finally specialize. From my personal perspective, career development has been a creative process that involves a little bit of trial and error in order to figure out what works for me versus what doesn't. Michio Kaku, a great theoretical physicist once stated that we are all scientists...and that somewhere along the journey...the system eliminates that innate curiosity that we are all born with as children. Reality sets in...and we forget that life is supposed to be fun.

Yours truly has been experimenting along my journey and it has brought more thrill and joy as I have evolved as a professional. The process of experimenting and discovering...took place primarily through the internship process. When I was much a young scientist...I wanted to be everything. I was the type of child who read a lot of understood applications of things. If we went on a plane...I wanted to be a pilot for a good week. If there was a power cut...I would lie down on the car...and stare at the stars and want to become an astronaut. Eventually I chose my craft. Young minds are easily

Over time...I chose my craft and that was the Chemical field. As my luck would have the end of my first uncle a Chemist visited us the summer that he started his own business. This was my first taste of entrepreneurship and science as a fusion. After this summer, I changed my major to a fusion of Chemistry and Business. In the fourth year...I chose an Industrial Chemistry course called The Chemical Industries. This course had a built in internship...and I spent a summer working in food manufacture. This was my first introduction to large scale manufacture. From this experience...the engineering seed was born.

What I tell my we reflect across the that they don't have to know everything...just trust their instincts...keep and open mind and try things before they commit to the next phase of their careers. Yours truly is still evolving (we all are)... and I honestly believe in the concept of life long learning. With two months left in the semester...we'll have the that they are busy in the summers. Additionally...I'll instill the concept of starting an online business in their spare time. Many an empire was born in a basement or a I won't discount it.

Have a good weekend!!!

**Dr T**

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