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The Weekly Grocery Budget

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"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." -- Chris Grosser

Life is a journey, and if you understand the process, certain elements become so much more fun. As a stay at home entrepreneur, and a soon to be student, one of the themes I'm currently practicing is the concept of consciously budgeting. Behind the scenes, we all have a myriad of activities that we are engaged in, and accountability for certain things tends to fall behind. As the journey to improved discipline is being restored, it is always helpful to have a budget on hand that will ensure that certain savings and investment opportunities are taken advantage of.

Last week, the concept of the Cash Flow Quadrant was introduced. The concept of the economy and how money is earned across each quadrant was discussed. We identified that the majority of individuals are employees, and they are the ones who work the hardest, yet are the ones who are the first to spend the majority of their earnings instead of investing or saving it wisely.

As the consciousness of the world is expanding, many persons are becoming more aware of their status in the world, and transitioning to more entrepreneurial ventures. During the transition phases, there is often one simple thing that persons tend to do - cut costs. One of the simplest ways to do this, is where food is concerned. Using my own personal experiences, where I've temporarily moved out of town, I am finding that the cost savings is significant.

Mind you, I won't be in this position forever, but in the initial phases where savings accumulation is key, the move is warranted. I'm currently residing in May Pen, Clarendon, and one of the things that I've found is that there are a mixture of high end, low end and medium level sources of food. When I start exploring, I will actually carry you to some of the places such as Valu Mart which is huge, and also to wholesale supermarkets such as Michael Ming. What I find interesting about the two places is that they carry the same items, yet one's pricing differs considerably. When I discovered that the wholesalers out-priced places like Valu Mart, I suspended my pride (being the queen of uptown living) and now shop at the wholesaler. The $2500 basket is about twice that which you'd get at Valu Mart. For this reason, for the three months that I have left here in Clarendon, I am living the simple life.

The following is an idea of what I get for $2500 ( just about US$20.00). There is a geoarbitrage element, so don't watch the price too much. The same basket at Valu Mart would have cost be about $3500. This is because they price the items, and then tax them...whereas the wholesaler still includes the tax, but prices according to the fact that his overheads won't be as high as places like Valu Mart. Factoring all this in, as an entrepreneur...I carry my trusty grocery bag and purchase the following items on a weekly basis:

1) Rice - $100.00 This comes in bulk hence the price.

2) Bread- $315.00 . This is the hardo bread. I buy it because it's a thicker bread than the regular and very filling. I should buy wholewheat, but I tend to purchase the regular white.

3) Eggs - $200.00 In terms of morning breakfast, I tend to either scramble the eggs or make an omelette with onions and tomatoes.

4) Onions- $100.00

5) Tomatoes- $100.00

6) Chicken - $400.00 . This is the cost of two packs of chicken stew parts. I cook dinner twice per week since I meal prep.

7) Fries - $100.00 This comes in bulk hence the price for one pound.

8) Frozen Vegetables- $200.00. This comes in bulk. This is the price for two pounds

9) Cooking Oil - $ 200.00

10) Yogurt - $180.00

11) Tang - $100 for two packs


1) Happy Face Laundry Soap: $47.00

2) Happy Face Toilet Roll: $53.00

3) Protex Bath Soap: $137.00

MISC: $270.00. I usually might see something I like, like Bourbon Cookies, Donuts, Bun and Cheese, Coca Cola etc. This extra allowance is for snacks which vary across the week. With this simple existence for the next four months, I am finding myself able to satisfy the basics, which is me eating, and nourishing my body and at the same time saving for investments that are to come in the next four months. There will be cash outlays to come, so keeping life simple and being prepared.

The discipline that I've been practicing, is simply not allowing myself to be side-tracked, and focusing on the mission. As mentioned, if you're focused on your mission, the mission comes first, and not other people's opinion. One lesson I learned was from Lisa Nichols. She talks about making yourself slightly uncomfortable for the dream. When I wake up...that's the driving force that carries me through the day. Not what other's are thinking...but where I am going.

Happy Budgeting!!


*Dr T**

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