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Things To Do: Jewellry Party -Create and Sip

Happy Day!!!

Welcome back to the blog!! Last Saturday, yours truly received my second sponsored opportunity to attend a jewellry party called Create and Sip in Kingston, and it just felt like the perfect addition to my blog's flow. My apartment building in Cleveland, used to do things like Wine and Painting...and this event was the jewellry equivalent of that activity. To move in a sequence....let's start at the very beginning! bead fest!!!

Create and Sip was held at the Altamont Court Hotel, in New Kingston, Jamaica in one of their conference rooms. When you entered, you were greeted and seated by the staff (who I later discovered were the relatives of the was a really nice touch). Once we were seated, we were introduced to the three main items that we had on our table spacing. These items included:

1) One plastic cup (for our beads)

2) Two jewellry strings (our agenda involved the creation of two bracelets)

3) Our wine glasses ( oh yes was that type of party)

And then we began!! Our hostess guided the flow...and we were organized in two groups to the above table where were told to choose our beads and place them in our cups. When it comes to jewellry and all things I do, yours truly has a I started envisioning what I felt would be the beaded version of a Pandora bracelet. If you see the image above, you'll see that there was a mixture of beads, ranging from earth toned, metallic beads, spacer items, clear beads, to more colourful options and also the charms that went with the bracelets themselves. Going with a rose gold and earth toned scene, I chose my to sipping the wine that the waiters brought us (yes girl...Pink Moscato was flowing...and also some Merlot), chatting and making our bracelets. My vision was to create twin bracelets.

As you can see below in my cup, I chose the beads:

- Rose Gold Metallic

-Gold Metallic

- Silver Metallic Spacer

-Silver Heart Charm

-Gold Heart Charm

-Rose Gold Crown Charm

And placed them in my cup. Sharing is after a while...beads were flowing across the room as we finished with our creation. On average, it takes about 24 beads to make a bracelet. When we entered the event, we were taught by the team how to size our bracelets. The design was up to you and your imagination. My inner scientist loves in my design, I created my bracelet on my template, with a symmetrical bead pattern. I placed my charms in the middle of the sequence, and organized my beads in a mirrored flow on either side.

Once we were finished, I simply placed the beads on some jewellry string provided for us by the team. Based on the fact that it was approximately 30 of us there, the jewellry string works best for a two hour session. I actually want to do things like create jewellry with wire in the future, but as a start, this was an ideal introduction. When I head into town one of these weeks...I'll explore the art and crafts stock at Liguanea Drug and Garden. The creation process itself takes about an hour and a half...with socializing mixed in. At the end of the my journey, you can see my twin bracelets below:

Who knew that jewellry making had one thing in common with surgery? If you look at the bracelets, you'll see that this is the final stages of creation. We were taught to make a surgical knot in order to seal the chain. We also ensured that the string stayed in tact, with some very strong bonding glue.

As one who loves to socialize, it was fun to meet like minds and share our stories. I got a chance to be mentored by the hostess, and also to mentor some other creators who were at the event. There were two vendors on the premises, and they happened to do things like make natural beauty products, and also make printed cups.

When I do my styling in the new week...I'll be sure to include these!!! All in all...the night was fun...and it was an opportunity for all of us to grow and expand!!

What are you creating this week?

Thank you for reading!!!


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