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Things to do on a Saturday: Port Royal, Jamaica

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About a week ago, yours truly spent a day on an outing with a friend of mine. We visited two local attractions in Kingston, Jamaica - Port Royal and Devon House. Last week, I'd updated you on the offerings of Devon House. I currently only have my phone's camera and my webcam at the moment. Using my phone, I managed to create a mini Devon House Tour. At the end, is a tiny snippet of Port Royal. We went to the beach after lunch. I recorded...but because it was so windy that can barely hear me, so I didn't post that footage. At this point in time necessity is the mother of invention, and I find myself being more creative than ever. On my phone, I've been recording with an app called OpenCamera. It is absolutely free, and I find that it helps me take high quality photographs, and video even with my regular smart phone. If you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel, and worry about whether or not you need expensive camera equipment, with a regular iPhone or Android phone, a simple and inexpensive phone stand and an app like Open Camera, you are well equipped to get started. The secret...I have found to most things in simply to get started. You don't have to be just have to trust that you'll get better with time, and challenge yourself to improve every day.

In terms of Port Royal, we did two things on that particular day. First of all we went to Gloria's Restaurant near the waterfront. I apologize for not having taken pictures of our meals. I hadn't see my friend in about a year, so once we got to Gloria's we spent the time catching up. You know how it is...when you meet up with a bestie that you haven't seen in a while. Everything pours out...and we just needed the privacy. The meals we had, I assure you...were similar to that outlined in the image below. I'll describe our lunches, so that you can get a feel for the possibilities that exist for you, if you do decide visit.

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Outlining a timeline for our outing, since I live out of town...we arranged to meet at Devon House at 11 am. We were out on a Sunday as you can see from the video, so most of the shops were closed at Devon House. I highlighted the guest house, the restaurants, the bakery and some natural stores that I love to visit. Interestingly, we met some persons who were visiting from New York and England, so it was nice to meet new people. Ideally, I wanted us to have our lunch at the Grogge Shoppe at Devon House, but they were not open yet.

As a result, we opted to take the half an hour drive out of town, and enjoy the sea breeze. We arrived at Gloria's at about 1 pm after a few stops along the way. Saving space for dessert, we didn't have appetizers. Gloria's tends to have the regular appetizers like fish tea (what we call fish soup in Jamaica), and other seafood inspired finger food. Since we were planning to return to Devon House for ice cream later, we just had a main course for lunch.

My main course meal, was Brown Stew fish, with a side of salad and fried bammy. My friend ordered the Garlic Shrimp, which also came with a side salad and she had steam bammy. Bammies, for those who are unfamiliar, is a plant based starch. It is pounded cassava, which is moulded into pancake shaped patties, and then sold on the open market. When cooked, it can either be steamed over hot water, or fried. To complement the meals, we had sodas and fruit punch.

Over lunch, we chatted about love, life and careers. It's nice to have someone in the same boat as yourself. Both of us are at the PhD level, so we're planning the completion of our careers, settling down and then having our families. It's nice to not have to rush. You can have it all...just take your time, which is what we are doing.

After lunch, we drove to the beach. The beach is less than a minute's drive from Gloria's, but somehow...we drove. Parking at the beach, it was extremely windy. Some persons were actually body surfing, which is a combination of surfing with a board, but there's a sail attached to the surfer. The sea was really rough. Both of us are very strong swimmers, but we didn't want to challenge the water, so the simplest thing we did...was dip our toes in!!

After about three hours in Port Royal, we headed back to Kingston where we had ice cream for Dessert at Devon House. I'll have to vlog that experience for you people:) Essentially, if you watch my Devon House tour above, you'll see that where Co Co Raw is, is where the ice cream section of Devon House used to be. They relocated that segment to the other side of the property, and it takes up about four times what it used to be. Bear with me...once the semester ends...I'll have all the juicy footage. For dessert, yours truly ordered a waffle cone with Rocky Road Ice Cream as my top layer, and strawberry cheesecake at the base. Devon House ice cream is world class...and the price to quality ratio is definitely up there. We will discuss further:) They are perfect for summer!!!

Port Royal as a site, is chock full of surprises. The movie Pirates of the Caribbean is based on the history of the region. Part of the city did sink, so if you love to scuba dive, you can actually see the ships. If you love the beach, you can take a boat to Lime Cay, pictured in the image above. Lime Cay is just off of the coast of Port Royal. You can order food from Gloria's and then take the boat to Lime Bay from the marina. There is no food served on be prepared to camp a little...or simply carry drinks in a small cooler to stay hydrated since it's hot out there...and then eat on your way back after you've swam, snorkelled and dived.

Many yachts stop in Port Royal at both the marina, and the hotel that was formerly known as Morgan's Harbour Hotel. When I was a child, we'd go to Morgan's Harbour for special occasions...and I used to admire the yachts. Maybe one day I'll rent one. I love the water...but based on the time I'll spend on the sea...that is the best option. Additionally, there are historical sites such as Fort Charles that you can visit.

For a simple half an hour drive outside of Kingston, you satisfy the relaxation quotient, and be able to return home without that extra fatigue. For this reason...I can stamp Port Royal: Day Outing Approved!!!

What similar places can you find in your local area? This will be your challenge for the week. Find one...and explore! I live in May Pen...and about an hour from a place called Old Harbour. There's a castle there...which I will explore in April. Good luck...finding fun!!

This was another Dr T Tour!!! Thank you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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