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Thursday Pamper Day: Staples

Happy Thursday!!!

I hope the day finds you all well. Yours truly just remembered that I'd mentioned earlier in the week that I'd outline some of the current staples that I'm really loving. My hair is currently on a growth spurt. I find that once I start and stay focused on my deep conditioning treatment, this is what usually happens, so keeping up with the flow, I've decided to do some alternate wet and dry treatments.

My hair texture is a very light 4C, so I find that detangling brushes are not so friendly to my hair when it's wet, but they are magical to my hair when it's dry. I purchased my brush from Amazon a few days before I left. The range is variable...and I just chose the most affordable options. They are the perfect scalp massager. Once I noticed that my hair was on a growth spurt earlier this week, I've started my 100 brush strokes at night. When I was in my teens, I did this religiously, but over time they told you things like minimal manipulation is what makes your hair grow. I'm currently undergoing a balance of both minimal manipulation (I style my hair once for the week and then touch up my edges before work) and active care on the other three days...where I tend to do things like spray it down with deep conditioner, and let it be free. It's during these three days that my hair absorbs all the nutrients, and then grows during the rest of the time - according to my personal theory that is. Everyone's hair is different. Over time, you find what balances work for you.

While conditioner alone may suffice for those instances where I'm home and can let it out, when my hair must remain dry for long interims like when I'm at work, I tend to use the Pro-Line Olive Oil Hair Food Formula. I've been toggling back and forth between this and the Argan Oil Hair Food by the same line. Both smell like heaven. At only $2.50 retail, you really cannot go wrong with either one. This is one of my high-quality yet really low budget finds. The formulations for these products is amazing!!! Pro-Line works best for those instances where you are resting your hair as well. If your hair is braided, as well as the braid sprays with active ingredients like tea-tree oil which I absolutely love, this hair food is a great alternative. Just generally, I find that olive oil is perfect for hair, skin and nails. For those of you with eczema, you can simply add some olive oil to any lotion and you'll have a great alternative for soothing your skin. When I initially started on my Body Secrets spree...I used to add olive oil to the vanilla body butter for a night treatment. I tend to use either olive oil or glycerin for soothing dry skin at any time of the year.

Beauty and health comes from the inside out, and for the past week, I've been singing the Nutrify song. This is because my body needed an energy and nutrition boost, and I just happened to find what I needed in this food product. As promised, I did go to Hi-Lo on campus before work on Tuesday, and kept the receipt for my purchase so that I could do a more accurate calculation of what the total price of the product was. I'm currently in Jamaica paying attention in finance (thanks JB), the current exchange rate as I write is JA $126.94 to US$1.00. The Nutrify Price is $127.60 inclusive of 15.9 percent taxes, so you guys can see that I'm right on the $1.00 mark...with a little change added. This makes Nutrify the winner for this week's US$1.00 or JA $100 find. The product is actually on sale at Hi-Lo as well so if my readership in Jamaica is interested, you can stock up and keep them at your bar at work. Tomorrow...I'll re-make my office coffee station blog article, just in case someone who works like myself will want a pamper station at work.

Nutrify is defined as a complete nutrition drink. It's not a full protein shake (it does contain protein) it's more like products like Ensure and Supligen, but in the powder form. Concentrates and powders are cheaper than their counterparts because they have been dehydrated. What the manufacturers instruct is simply for the consumer to add back the water prior to use. The less than one minute it takes for you to mix in the water is well worth the $400 ($3.50) in savings per unit. I must mention that certain products in Jamaica can be expensive, and liquids like Ensure are pricey, while soda is cheap everywhere. I'd done a comparative cost analysis with Kellogg's Protein Shake, Grace's equivalent and Ensure (all bottled) and this was literally the difference in price. (I almost wrote the delta in We're doing thermodynamics this week in the lab.)

So yes...the pampering is in session! I'm back at work tomorrow!! The last half day for the semester. Life is good...and all is well. I wish you guys a great Thursday. I'm energized...after a good bout of sleeping yesterday:) Wednesday is that long day...which about to be multiplied by two in the new week!!!


**Dr T**

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