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Thursday Relaxation:Escape From Alcatraz!!

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Happy Thursday!!!


Yours truly ran out of the lab last evening. I soon tell that story:) The second I leave the lab...the following is my MO:

*Lab Coat OFF

*Shades ON

*Music ON ( I love Drake!!) Read the article with this song on loop. Last night I saw a guy wearing Air Force Saturday I got the inspiration for a back in the day article. I lived for these shoes back in undergrad!!

*Head HOME

*Return to my MISSIONS

I've been fortunate enough to find shuttles that carry me back to the "country" with movies on them!! Life is good...and all is well. The drive home is lit!!! We've been watching everything from Girl's Trip (tomorrow we talk about that life!!) to We're the Millers (I'm here wondering if selling legal weed is a good business idea) and last night we watched Creed II. Ever a fan of the Rocky Series...certain movies are timeless. I'm a really can't claim to have lived that long in life...but thankfully due to syndicated movies on cable. When yours truly was about ten, I discovered the Rocky series. Yours truly is swimmer. We had the write up on this life last I had a few more seconds to shave off my freestyle order to become pro...but I didn't want to put on the extra became a dancer instead...because I thought that life was more me:) To each their own. Be and let be!!

So any way...I'd heard of Creed in my usual flow of life...but didn't realize till I watched it that it was the updated story to the Rocky series!!! So now I'm all for it. Last night...watching Creed II...was like being at Carib. The girl beside me...was cracking us all up. When Creed got beat up by Drago's son...(not giving away too much) hear her..."So now you know the types of guys I won't date!!" Lol. At some point another person was shouting out..."Yow... I can't manage...turn off the TV....the anxiety is real!" We really were hooked. In any case...there was a point where Rocky was telling Creed to be: BE HIMSELF.

Yours truly...laughed because about the half an hour before that...I was having a similar debate with myself. The supervisors vary in delivery...and occasionally as you guys know...depending on who's in charge...they tend to be absent...and yours truly...wanting to help the students acts for them. Supervisor Tandy...I sent my students home early...because the supervisor wasn't there...and from the last discussion "Miss was tired at 5 30 pm". And the supervisor showed up at 5 40 pm...asking me where they went:) Could I answer that question? As if by God's divine grace...another one of my students showed up asking for urgent I was given a diversion. We moved to another side of the lab...and I snuck out through the back!! As you all know...I'm currently avoiding the Thursday morning meeting...because I'm overworked. I don't believe in self-sacrifice. I have four weeks I will not argue:) We're just saving for vacation. I learn trust me...after the first lab talk...I can run the lab. #BossBabe. Don't let people undermine your intelligence and rights at work or in life!!!

I have a few errands to run just getting that out of the way. Tomorrow is my last lab for the week...and then I have the three days. Jason is still in the lab I got a new formula. I'll also be getting that tomorrow to test over the weekend. The life of hustlers!!


**Dr T**

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