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Thursday Restoration: Pamper Day

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Happy Thursday!!

I hope you all are doing well!!! I survived my You all know how it is:) I chose my schedule so I don't need people to feel sorry for me. I literally have six more weeks left of it's not permanent. I think sometimes in the west...we get used to life being so easy...that when we have minor challenges...we think that we're the only ones on planet Earth who have ever had obstacles. As long as you've never had to do things like carry water from a well to your're fine. (Mentally re-assures self that life is is actually one of my parents quotes) Yours truly was a pampered child...and now as an I'm learning to walk again...I've started ensuring that I'm taking care of myself while I'm on my journey to full restoration. Which means...that day my pamper day. Next week...I'm heading to Mall and Tropical Plaza on Friday morning before I'll FINALLY re-stock after about two months. The move...influenced my shopping habits to some I'm finally settling down.

I think it was about two weeks before today...when I'd attempted to go to an irrelevant meeting...and exhausted myself in the process. Via the process of negotiation...I've managed to be cleared of that I am now officially off work on a Thursday. Which means that I'm clear on Mondays and Thursdays. What a relief on many levels:) I'm much freer and happier as you guys know. Little changes have brought more freedom and joy into my life.

I think I'd mentioned in a previous video...that I started a simple tradition on my birthday last year. I'd started a routine...called a Weekly Pamper day. For this particular day...I take time to do things like wash my hair. I can talk about my hair journey in the new week. I'm growing it out...and it's currently bra-length. My hair type is 4C...and it's tightly when I wash it it's just about shoulder length due to shrinkage. I've been following the beauty gurus on once I'm home I have time to do things like spray it with a conditioner-water mix and just let it soak in the goodness. that day:)

Additionally, for this day...I suspend my normal beauty care...and do an intense body treatment. I have separate body washes and body creams for this day. In the new week...I'll show you guys my update of the treatment. I like the higher end - budget fusion so I've decided to buy two sets of creams next week. For the past six months...I've been using the Body Secrets line. This is a duplicate of Victoria's Secret. I actually really love Body Secrets...but as you guys know...Victoria's Secret/The Body Shop/Bath and Body Works are what I'm used to. I have my favorites for each. Lol.

Victoria's Secret: Love Spell is EVERYTHING. Great for everyday!!

The Body Shop: Moringa and Chai Vanilla (My Christmas Scent) are EVERYTHING.

Bath and Body Works: Lavender and Sandalwood is EVERYTHING. This is my relaxer.

Those products are really are my life. Yesterday...someone near to me was using Victoria's Secret...and I decided it was time for me to return to my standard. I'll get one of their body well as the set of the Body Secrets. Three of the Body Secrets (Body Spray, Lotion and Body Wash) = One Victoria's Secret Body Cream cost wise...but there are varying pros and cons of each which we'll discuss. The cost-quality differential is real.

Today...I'll also do a pedicure. For those Kingstonians who read my blog...I tend to go to Duchess in Mall and Tropical. I discovered Duchess a few years ago. While with a friend of mine...I discovered that Duchess was owned by a former classmate of ours. We support them because we know the owners...and also because the price is quite affordable...and they have promotions all the time. I tend to do gel polish on my fingers. In April...we'll get back to that life. The other places I need to visit (literally pass them every day on the way to work...are Jencare Skin Farm and Bridget Sandals). For today day...I'm sticking to Sally Hansen - Tough Love Red Nail Polish...and my own handiwork:) After having grown up with the "Every Girl's New Handbook" (Thank you Auntie Cherrie!!!) the basics are covered till the new month. My inner princess is returning to life:)

As you know...I resuscitate on a it's just a nice and quiet flow. I'm sure we all have our routines that leave us feeling refreshed and renewed on a daily basis. Today...just happens to be that nice...easy going day. I'm going to sun myself for an hour...(yes... I've already declared I'm Miss Dry-Land Tourist) and then I'll get started. While the meeting is going on...I'll be on the back lawn:)

Have a FABULOUS day!!!


**Dr T**

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