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Tuesday Lifestyle: The One-Pot Meal

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Happy Tuesday!!!

Welcome to week SEVEN. It's back to work today!!! For I was typing the intro... I almost typed Happy Woman instead of Happy Tuesday. I am a Happy Woman. Freud is right about what we really subconsciously think:) Here's what happened yesterday in a conversation with my landlady.

Landlady: I might be going away next week to my grandson's graduation in North Carolina. I'm still here deliberating if I should go. My children are sending me the ticket...but I've been to so many of these things.

Tandy: Well...I would go!!! I sure beats the monotony of being at home all the time.

I'm trying to get rid of her for a while. Faye (her helper) and I will be the happiest campers once she's away. What we tend to chat in the free time that we have. It's the typical case of while the cat's away. Next Monday...for cleaning...we'll focus on maintaining the comforter. I got one long lecture yesterday about how it's been two months...and the comforter needs to be washed. I usually sleep with the comforter over me...but ...with a cover sheet between myself and the comforter. The sheets...I wash every week as you guys know. There are some people you can't I've literally started sleeping with 528Hz music on. Misery and age I tell you! Make sure you find something to laugh about every day...or else you'll end up like that:)

Today...I'll be going to the supermarket on campus to buy Nutrify for my review this weekend. That's the motivator for today's activities. Aside from that...I've been cooking these one pot meals in order to ensure that I'm nourished. It's actually more for the convenience since I left home with two pots- one saucepan, and the other a frying pan. I don't want to have to buy any pots and make my load heavier than it needs to be. Later on...I'll restock. When I had my apartment, I'd ordered one of those forty piece pot sets from yes...we'll get back to that life in a few months. My creations are aiming to be like the ones in the image above. The recipe for the One-Pot Creamy Garlic Chicken is linked for your convenience. My creations aren't that fancy yet...but I am inspired. My personal recipes tend to have three main ingredients and the seasoning mix. These ingredients are:

1) Frozen Mixed Vegetables

2) Meat of Choice - preferably chicken, cut into small pieces

3) Rice

4) Seasoning

I create my own broth by simply seasoning the meat first...and stir-frying it till it's cooked. Once that step is completed, I add in the vegetables and stir-fry for about a minute or two. Since the vegetables are already cooked, I'm really just warming them up from frozen. Once that phase is completed, I add water...simmer for a bit and create a broth, and then add some pre-washed and soaked rice. Pre-soaking helps to soften the rice and shorten its cooking time. I mix all the ingredients, and let the mixture simmer till the rice is cooked. Once I've completed this step, I usually have enough servings for about four days. At home, there was a crock these meals are great for that option as well. If you don't have a crock pot...a simple stove top equivalent also works as I'm doing now. These are my cooking adventures thus far.

Since I have work today...I'm going to do some yoga for half an breakfast...and then get ready. I've rearranged a few I'm finishing off what I should have done this morning...this evening. For the life of me...around 1 am this morning...I had a bout of insomnia. Between 1 am...and 4 am...for reasons unknown to me...I woke up and still felt like I was hit by a bus. I went to bed from 8 pm...and set an intention to wake up at 1 am...and work on a project.

At 1 am...the energy was just not there...I didn't feel like getting up...and tossed and turned till 4 am...and eventually fell asleep. I'm only now getting up at 7 am to write this blog article. This hasn't happened in a I was wondering what the trigger is. I'm there's alot on my mind...and I'm literally just running on adrenaline once Tuesdays arrives.

I wish you all the best for the week!!!


**Dr T**

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