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Turn My Music UP: It's Time for a DIY Honey!!!

"I just love...GOLD!!" - Goldmember

Happy Day!!!

I hope the day finds you well!! Life is GOOD...because we MAKE it so!!! Last day, I'd mentioned that we'd be singing along today. I don't know if I'm the only one that this happens to but, the things I'm doing today...I've been doing since I was probably eight. If you're male, welcome, but this is predominantly a female directed blog...don't judge us to much if we delve down the path of femininity every now and then! Since the age of six, I had a my own sewing machine, and I also did...embroidery. I think it was one of those things I was given to keep me busy...but in the long run honey..."Thank you parents for teaching me this skill!!" I'm sure I'm not the only one...who made clothes for my Barbies and had tea parties with the girls on the Saturday. I haven't changed, I've evolved! Instead of Barbie...this time I'm working on my own closet. Tandy's closet! Same skill, different application.

With a little free time on your hands, your brain has the ability to create, and yours truly is doing exactly that. This morning, I felt the need to just do something different, so I headed into town...with a vision and a mission!! There's a small tenet that goes..."Whistle while you twerk!" In this instance, we're applying this grand principle to general living. Whistle while you clean, whistle while you water the plants, whistle while you cook dinner, whistle while you take the kids to school!! I do believe it was the great Ying Yang Twins that sang this wonderful song and I remember it, while I'm in the midst of something mundane like a report. In the world of women, there are various not so exciting but critical tasks that must be done, and I just find that adding a little music to the task, makes it more fun. Before we start the work, let's set the mood. We need a little excitement every now and then:

1) V Bozeman: What is Love? - We need to warm up our vocal chords for the work and singing ahead. Let's start with this track!! Oooooh...ooohhh!!

2) Jennifer Hudson - Where You At? Once the vocal chords are warm...we can start the process of establishing a groove!! At this can close the door and sing to your heart's content!!

3) Mary J Blige and Lil Kim - I Can Love You. At this point we can start rapping!! I'm sure I'm not the only one who jumps in at "If I told you once...I told you TWICE!!" Boost that ego every once in a while!

4) Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks - No Air. Mood is set now, we can flow into the happy songs!

5) Nivea - Complicated. Because we all want this to happen!!!

In you can't bother with the individual tracks...enter song one...and start a YouTube playlist and flow. They always surprise me with what they create! With the mood set, we can get into the DIY flow. If you've been with me a while, you know that Tandy is a hybrid of many things. ForeverLuxury is about everything else but my career, though I talk about that every now and then. "Above all else...I'm a woman!" - Jackie O.

Over the past three weeks, I've been feeling the work vibes. I want to look nice when I start my new job! After being home for almost four months, I am ready to return to corporate world. In the preparation for this stage, I've started upgrading my wardrobe. In every business student's closet is the formal black Jacket, black pants and black skirt. Additionally, there's the crisp white shirt! After owning my YouTube channel and styling for the whole summer, the black jacket all of a sudden felt plain. Yours truly, ever wanting to stand out, decided that I could spruice up my jacket and make it look more like a Balmain Jacket that I've been admiring for months now. The original is an aspirational piece...but they say you can start envisioning. I think it's important to have staples, but it's even more important that I have statement pieces that make me stand out in a crowd! Feeling the vibes, I went into Ping's Fabrics today, and got the following items:

1) Six Gold Buttons ( One inch in width for a bold statement)

2) Black Thread

3) Needles

Here is the original jacket in its glory. I have had the jacket for three years. Interestingly, I have a friend of mine who always told me to stay ready for change. We had jobs, but one random Saturday we went shopping for suits just in case...we wanted to job hunt and find another opportunity.

This black jacket by Swoon has come in handy on so many levels. For a business casual look, it's very easy to throw on over some jeans, and cuff it to expose the striped inner details. I also styled it with my previous floral purchase for a corporate look.

It's very simple, but my style is anything but that. I decided to add the gold buttons in a diagonal pattern along the lapels of the jacket, as the Balmain jackets are designed.

After an hour of singing and sewing, the result is outlined below:

As you can see, I took the time to align the buttons as best as I could. I am not a professional, but the years of embroidery did help me at this stage of the revamp game.

The finished jacket is one that I feel more confident in. I'll style it in next week's style profile on my Instagram account, but I always show my pieces once I've "found" them. I'll definitely feel more powerful in this as I walk into any establishment. When I see this I instantly feel Beyonce's "Who Run The World?" track, and get those female empowerment I am for equal opportunity, but I find that for us women, it's important for us to empower ourselves especially if we're in a position of power. There is always an upward climb!! The best cheerleader that exists for yourself yourself!

Your suit will define you, and it's important to ensure that you feel confident in what you're wearing. I know I'll feel confident in this!!

While the look is what matters most, with time, you can always upgrade to higher end pieces. Yours truly has a high end, low end mix of various things (on the perfume end...the difference is very real. I have a Versace perfume that takes about two washes to, so I know the difference. Living the no excuses life, as a starter though, the above is the perfect beginning. I'm easing myself into the designer world, after a year of being at home, I have had to remind myself that I am worth it.

This week, I decided to simply revamp what I have. What's in your closet that you can revamp? With a little time and effort, you can always make what feels like you've had it forever, more exciting and new!!

I'll talk to you next time!!


**Dr T**

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