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Twist It Out: Beauty Basics and General Happiness

Welcome back to the blog!!

At this point in the readership...I'm pretty sure you guys know that I'm waking up laughing every day. Not because everything's perfect...but because I (and the all the motivational speakers on the planet) already identified that life isn't perfect...we just have to make the most of it. Everything in life is a choice!! I'm challenging myself in 2020 to just focus on goals, eliminate toxicity, and pretty much just revel in all good things across the 24 hours that we all have. You cannot be everything to everybody...and once you know that'll realize that you are enough...for the people who are meant to be in your life. Here are a few things...I've added to my weekly routine, to make each day...a little more special.


This is a real thing, but over the past four days or so...I've been trying not to lose my voice because I've been spending about a good hour laughing every day. It all started...when I discovered MJ Harris's YouTube Channel about a week ago...(Aye!!!). This Sunday gone...the household must have wondered what I was drinking...because I was watching an episode about...who to marry. The story he told...was a pretty relateable experience and the moral was on point!! As a start for the's his Business Story. Watching the most refreshing experience I've had so far this week...when I wake up...and listen to his sage advice on everything from business management to relationship management. You Universal life is...and take a moment to pretty much learn from other people's experience and okay you really are. If you're in an emotional rut...I'd highly recommend you do an hour of laughter therapy a day. Just google any comedienne on YouTube you like...and watch their specials. When you actually release endorphins and you'll find yourself more mellow across the day. I'm sure we all are low key judged even as we quietly just go about our daily lives...and one way to release all that stress that with a little humor darling. That's what I do...and it's helping me to enjoy life!! You are not alone!!


As you all know by now...when the black and white filter rolls out...I either didn't like how my make up looked in a picture...or I didn't feel like wearing make up. For the was more the make But I actually loved the I kept it. God bless the filter!! Sometimes in life...we accidentally re-discover things that we already knew. About a week ago...(aye!!!) I wasn't feeling like doing too much to my hair, but knew I had to wash it as per the weekly regimen! Applying my micro-achievement strategy, I went ahead and washed it...and decided to flat twist my hair into two buns. Wash day for this week rolled around...and I went ahead and untwisted the buns and twist...and I really like how it turned out. All of a sudden...I started having wash n go fever...and decided that I will go with these for the current week. Here is my twist out before I washed my hair:

Interestingly...I only predominantly do two things to my baseline hair...and I have to give thanks that it actually works - shampoo and condition. I honestly don't need anything else but these two!! Using some advice that I learned about three years ago...I use my conditioner as my leave-in. My hair thrives on this...and trust me...if something works...stick to it. You don't need to be changing your hair routines every month. If it works...keep it!! My hair seems to drink in conditioner...and I find that with the right one...I don't even need to do things like use gel in my hair. I'm still using my Ashley Blueberry Shampoo and Conditioner and loving it!! My hair is long...yet I'm finding that gels tend to weigh it down...but the right conditioner...does the job for me. It's the perfect amount of hold still provides me with the bounce that I need, as well as a healthy shine. I am happy with this!!


We have lived in our current location...for approximately twelve years. My family moved here after our former home, closer to the sea...was becoming increasingly affected by hurricanes. Global warming is a real thing...because apparently back in 1975...when a previous geological study was done...the area was deemed safe for habitation. By the time 2000+ rolled around...the weather phenomenon rate ramped up and the entire neighborhood practically had to relocate. While all of this relocation was happening however...I was in Leeds. When I came back to Jamaica...the dust had settled, and new life began in the hills. Somehow...I wasn't as curious I am now. There are literally some aspects of our neighborhood...that I've never really explored till now.

I started the practice of walking everywhere...when I was in Leeds. My housemate and I decided to save the 99 pound seasonal bus pass...for clothes (Primark and TopShop) and food (hello Morrison's)...and we just walked to school. When I came back home...the walking practice stuck with me...and when I can...I explore everywhere from Half Way Tree to UWI...and see things with a fresh pair of eyes. This past Sunday (for those who remember that Zoolander could only seemingly turn left)...I decided to take a right on my road...and walk down a road...that I've been on before...even though...we've technically lived here...for twelve years!!

Walking up the road...I found the entrance to a house that is being built behind ours. This one big production...and I'm finally seeing it come to life! I continued further...and discovered that there's a point where the road actually ends...and becomes a track. If any of my Jamaican viewership has ever been to Newcastle...the roads suddenly become one track...and you discover that the vegetation itself increases and you're suddenly embraced by pure...nature. It's the most serene thing I experienced that morning!! Me...the peace...and the trees.

From a mental clarity frame of mind...peace came to me and I felt pretty content that morning. Facing this new week with peace...the entire week can pretty much just flow.


Inner peace = Outer Calm. I saw this on a billboard in Leeds. I'm finding myself drawing away from dysfunction, and more toward order. I'm currently happily cleaning the house, and filmed my Clean With Me - Dining Room video for my YouTube Channel!! Get In here!! Get in here!! I don't know to explain my cleaning motivation strategy...but it's a unique principle in everything I do. I draw high energy from a source...and apply it as I'm working. If you ever listened to Tamar Braxton, she'd mentioned this concept called the "Drive and Twerk" Well....applying her best practice...I pretty much do the "Clean and Twerk." The principle is this...if you turn on a little music and make cleaning fun...your cleaning routine will be popping. Half the time when I'm cleaning...I put on the most high energy station I can find (pretty much because when I start I don't often feel like doing After song number tho...I'm in a really good "zone" and I'm good to go for the 2.5 hours that I'm on my roll. Energy will carry create the momentum!!

We are now in...week three 2020!! Your energy levels should be off the chains. With a solid routine, solid plan...and a little motivation to get things'll end every day on a high!!!

Till next time!! I love you for reading!! Stay Fabulous!!


**Dr T**

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