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Upcycling To Add Pizzazz To Your Beautifully Organized Home Space

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Decor On A Dime
Repurposed Rum Bottle Soap Dispenser

Welcome back to the blog!!

As the world turns...yours truly is still here attesting...that all I really dream about these reaching a beach. I still believe that if we all drank cherry juice and took Vitamin C for a good month...the curve will flatten. Inner health = Outer health. The quarantine really makes you miss the things that you once could just do without having to think about it. Growing up in Jamaica...the beach for a scene that I'd escape to when things at work got hectic. I'd simply put on my bikini, a nice beach dress, some slippers, pick up a few snacks at Megamart, turn my music UP, let my hair down...and be on my way to Ochi or Portland. Speaking of hair...I've uploaded my Quarantine Protective Styling Video. I'm on a fortnightly schedule. It's just what works for me at this point in time.

To make the most of my quarantine experience, I am in the process of creating several DIY projects. As the months pass, daily living is creating art for me from the every day items that we don't normally pay attention to. For 2020, my interest in rum bottles is real. As the spark came to me three months ago, somehow every month I seem to be able to find new uses for these items that were initially trash, and are now treasures. Let's jump into the creations that I'm managed to come up with this week. As any artist will tell you...sometimes I really don't know what I'm going to create...but as I'm watching a video, working... or actually just outside in my yard, items will speak to you'll see below. It's a beautiful flow.


Luxury Decor On A Dime
Repurposed Rum Bottle Soap Dispenser

This month, in terms of our rum consumption, we finished the Angostura 1787. I'm currently in Jamaica, and being Jamaican...Appleton Rums are the staple rums that we drink in the household. Because we travel, and sometimes we have guests, these activities tend to bring us rums from all over the Caribbean. The other day, I'd done a DIY on a Bajan rum, and this Angostura Rum is from Trinidad and Tobago. I love glass...and I do love boxes, so managed to salvage this one. The household figured out after three months...that I'm onto this recycling they graciously left the bottle for me on the table once they were finished. It was a nice free gift for my art projects.

With my blank slate, I actually didn't know what I was planning to do with the bottle...but a YouTuber...while I was watching a cleaning video (these and the Dollar Tree Hauls are my obsessions)...I noticed that one homeowner had a glass bottle dispenser. I've had a monogrammed soap dispenser on my vanity forever and a day, and for something new and fresh, I decided that I could re-purpose the pump from that dispenser, and place it onto the rum bottle. To treat the rum bottle, I soaked it for an hour in hot water, and then removed the label completely. You can create another label, or do what I did, and just let the beauty of the bottle be complimented by the colour of the liquid that you house in it.

The final result is absolutely beautiful, and a great way to create a soap dispenser for absolutely free. For the demo, I only have water in the bottle, but you can utilize this dispenser for everything from shampoo if you don't like to keep it in the plastic bottles to ensure that you have a nicer chic aesthetic, to even dishwashing liquids. Instead of keeping your dish soaps in the plastic bottles that they come in, you can actually upcycle your rum bottles, add a pump and create a beautiful soap dispenser! I hope you enjoyed this one. I absolutely loved this idea when I saw it!! I had to try it!! Here's another freebie...straight from the trees!


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Palm Tree Jewelly Tree

If you're on a budget during this quarantine season...or any season for that matter, what works best is looking at what you have and seeing how you can optimize it. I've been wanting a some holders for my jewellry forever and a day. Feel free to peruse the ForeverLuxury Store for my Spring Jewellry Collection. Watching some YouTube DIY videos, I was inspired to create my own jewellry holder, to house some of the bracelets and the necklaces that I typically would have just sitting in a jar. Having your jewellry on display is actually a great way to actually remind yourself to wear it. If you don't have palms...just a small dried branch will also do. You can hold it in a vase and embellish it to suit your style. When I'm ready I like to bling things...and rosegold or gold spray paint is a great idea to add some pizzazz to your jewellry tree.

Living in Jamaica, our front yard has a lot of pine trees. As the Operations Manager of the household, I'm the one who tends to pick up the palm leaves once they've fallen off the trees. With the palm leaves, are these tiny branches that the palm seeds actually grow on. Once the seeding ends, the small branches actually fall of the trees and dry. Every time I threw one of the branches away, my mind would tell me that there was something that I could actually do with the branch.

The result was the above...and I'm now happy that I have a place for my jewellry. Your world is really what you make it!!


It's easy to feel compelled to buy things all the time. What are some items in your home...that you already have...that you can upcycle for a DIY project?

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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