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Vacation Planning: How to Underachieve Your Way To Your Vacation Closet

Release The Past. Ground Yourself in The Present. Focus on the Future.

Time waits for no man. any millennial can relate to there's a point where you fluctuate between your sagacity and your youth. Youth in the sense that even when you're working on something important, ground breaking and world changing...there's still that part of you that wants to reach the club and practically party your night away. Our beings aren't designed for constant definitely factor in the element of play.

Such is the dual nature of my being. In terms of my YouTube evolution, please bear with me. I've actually found the camera that I want on Amazon, but am going through the process of challenging myself to get it via my business, instead of via my savings. In my search, I'd called pretty much every computer store in Kingston, and the price they quoted me was so astronomical, that I resorted to Amazon, and will take advantage of their global shipping. In terms of my order, the same camera is on sale for about $250 in the brick and mortar store in Kingston, yet on Amazon, it's costing me about a third of that price. Give thanks! Thank you Jeff Bezos!! Actually, thanks to every great entrepreneur that created something that positively impacts lives on a global scale!

In terms of my Friday posts, I do challenge myself to make them more fun and lighthearted. As a firm believer in the working to live philosophy, I assure you that my life only partially revolves around Chemical Reactors, the plant and the lab. One of my favorite colleagues, actually induced in me...the art of planning your vacations in January, so that you got first dibs on the weekends that you wanted. Lol. Interestingly she now lives in the US, so I might see her when I move. She was the first person who ever introduced me to Ross, and additionally, we used to shop together after work at PriceSmart and buy groceries and even shoes.

So yes, the vacation vibes endured, and as you all know I started travelling during my tenure at work. I have time to travel now, so I definitely take advantage of the time that I have now. This second vacation is a little more grand than the first one, but still on the budget side of life. If you guys recall, I'd spent a few weeks deciding where I'd wanted to go. Via AirBnB, I discovered some nooks in Portland, and decided that I'd stay at Villa Yehmayah. Essentially, in terms of look and feel, Villa Yehmayah is similar to Strawberry Hill. I am priming my mind to return to the lifestyle that I'm used to, but it takes an evolution instead of an instant attainment.

In terms of my organization process, I worked across a series of months to purchase the dresses that I'll be wearing on my vacation. In a sense, the vacation shopping became a fun way for me to endure the challenges that were ahead of me. Every week when I went to work, I literally used to walk through the shops on the way to the labs. As a result, my mind would actually remind myself that I had a vision and focus. After the work, would actually come the play.

So I started the process of piecing together all the looks. Every two weeks, after we got our first paycheck, I would buy a dress. So you can guess that after a period of about ten weeks, the ensemble was completed. When I started my Instagram account about a month ago, it suddenly dawned on me, that I could actually use them in my styling haul. The process was actually very coincidental and everything aligned. It is interesting how your dreams all fall into place once you start taking action. Let me go through the items one by one and talk about their vision.

Dress Number One: This is a gorgeous aqua blue dress which I intend to wear on my beach days. Essentially, I don't want to model this one because its VERY open front and lace up and I'm trying to keep my presentations very PG. After a while, you start worrying about Image is everything. The last thing we all need is another corporate scandal! I will wear this over my bikini.

Dress Number Two: This is a nice coral dress which I purchased because I love the colour. In terms of my dream wedding, my bridesmaids will definitely wear coral. I've declared it as my colour, because I love colours that are vibrant and warm. Coral will actually be my signature colour once I start my YouTube channel properly. In terms of my clothing options, I'll always have a sprinkle of coral in my hauls so that I can remain consistent with my themes.

Dress Number Three: I actually wore this dress on my Devon House Outing if you guys recall. I like the mustard colour, it actually complements my skin tone. I'm actually undertoned in gold, but in the right lighting, and the X-Pro filter on Instagram, my skin looks like Alek Wek' I am always amazed by the outcome!! Go filter life!! In all seriousness, this is a nice floor length maxi dress. It's elegant and I see myself wearing this on an evening during the trip. I love the comfort factor of this dress. It actually simply stretches to fit and is flattering to any figure.

Dress Number Four: The J-Lo dress!!! I actually bought this...on the road!!! Yes...where there is fashion and it's cute...she will buy it!! I will soon return to normal life, but essentially, as I walked around DownTown Kingston...I saw the dress on a mannequin on the road and had to have it! This is what I call the ghetto-fabulous segment of my haul. Essentially, the dress has gold detailing which almost give it that Versace vibe. This is another beach day dress. I feel like a million dollars in this dress!

Dress Number Five: This is my returning home...but I did enjoy my vacation dress! As Drake once said and I quote: "Me and 40 back to work, but we still smell like a...VACATION!!" That's the vibe that I'm going for. Since I'll be driving about three hours to and from Portland, I do focus on comfort and style, and this dress fits my style perfectly.

So here they are in their glory. I soon have to start thinking about corporate wear once I'm awake at 3 am...writing this so that I! The life of a hustler!!! It feels more like fun than that's when you know that you're doing what you love!!


**Dr T**

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