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Vacation Planning: Vacation Pamper Package Part Two

“I hope your vacation gives you the pleasure you need so that you don’t have to think of any problems back at home.  Enjoy your vacation.”

I hope the day finds you well when you read this article!!! As you beautiful folks know, I am only posting on the blog three times per week due to the fact that I am gearing my mind to study. Self one of the greatest challenges I've encountered but somehow...once Monday rolls find the will and the way...and the momentum to get things done.

If you guys the week before last...I'd actually started the process of preparing the body care section of my vacation bag. I thought it would be cute to design a his and hers pamper package...on a I'd started off with the week of May 15's purchase of the men's body lotion and shower gel...which was the Nuit Blanche by Body Philosophy. If you skim through the blog'll see that initial purchase. I won't be balling till year end...yet still going on vacay because I'm planning for it (doing both a low end and high end vacay...with the same feel for each) for us ladies...last Thursday...I did purchase the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion and Body Wash also by Body Philosophy. Every week, in order to ensure that I'm motivated towards my trip in July, I've decided to purchase one item towards the journey.

Additionally, I also did managed to start purchasing items for my August departure from When you set your heart on need to start acting towards it...or else your mind won't believe that you're actually intending to do it. On the underachievement streak...the following was my purchase - the Body Philosophy Only For You body lotion. I have visions of using this...when I settle into my new Yours truly now religious watches apartment tours because I've set an intention to be fully independent in nine weeks...and when I move in...I'll be feeling like a queen every day!! The following is what I intend to use in week one of living in my own apartment:

Keeping with the budget...since you all know I'm queen of being a diva on a dime...each lotion and body wash were only a pocket saving...$2.00 each. A girl still has to eat and pay rent! On a price to quality ratio...I've been finding the Body Philosophy similar in thickness to Bath and Body Works. Of course...the scent lasts for probably half the time as my staples...but for the current interims where I'm still wanting to feel like I'm living the luxe life till the next phase...Body Philosophy works just fine. I'm enjoying the process of the bargain hunt.

I apologize for my camera quality on YouTube folks. I'm going to keep my videos simple for the next two months. Here's last week's update on my styling! I'm a little rusty right now...and limited my camera image quality...but I assure you...I did work in fashion. As promised...I've started looking into camera upgrades and I called about five of the tech stores in Kingston. I'm leaning towards the Sony DSC W800 or the Nikon CoolPix 2100. They are great starter cameras. I'm used to Sonys so I do feel like I'll lean into that option.

Interestingly...the price ranges are almost comparable...but for those in Kingston, I'm finding that Watts New (where my gaming siblings lived) is actually the best in terms of pricing. So when I'm ready...this is where I'll make my purchase. I'll have a little more saving to do to get for my Fashion Week journey...I'll post that experience to my Instagram stories using my phone, but then vlog when I actually go on vacation to Portland in July. That will lessen the cash outlay. In terms of my savings target...I have a number that I can't dip I accelerate the efforts to stay above that savings point.

For this week...I'll be heading into May Pen to run a few errands. Maxie has some cute summer dresses in circa Wednesday afternoon, I'll do a try-on haul from there once I've finished up at the bank.

I hope your week is going well otherwise. I'm simply just flowing...but making every day exotic as is the theme of my channel. Regardless of your can feel like a million bucks!!!


**Dr T**

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