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Valentine's Day Compilation: Signature Looks

"You'll be my rise and shine, soon as the stars align" - Ariana Grande (NASA)

Welcome back to the blog!!

This week being Valentine's Day Week, I wanted to take the time to expand on Valentine's Day beauty and fashion fusions. Utilizing my simple yet chic methodology, I've decided to resort to principles, while gently taking the time to upgrade my palette! What you do at the small scale, you end up doing at the larger scale. Let's start off with body:

a) Exercise: Re exercise, I find myself sticking to my routine, and diligently working out. What I need to incorporate into my strategy is my core workout. I feel like I want to isolate my abs, and give them a little love. I want to look a little more put together in that area...especially since I'm going to the beach in a month!! I'll challenge myself to expand in that area.

b) Body: I want to return to the tradition of telling you guys what lotions I'm currently wearing. I had gone through a phase where I would change my lotions every two weeks...and I stopped doing that in my traditions, as life unfolds. To give you a feel for what I'm wearing now...I'm wearing Body Philosophy's Only For You. This is a nice rich scent, that lasts all day for the affordable price of $2.00. You can't beat this one with a stick...and I've been in love with this ever since I discovered this scent about six months ago. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, you can put together a platter like the below...for your significant other.

For Valentine's can take the time to ensure that you're treating those who you love. 2020 alone and the happenings thus far...should remind you how important love and family is. Since Friday is a work can pack some Valentine's Treats for your boo, for them to snack on at work. As the day itself can send some cute emails or texts to last until you see them later in the day. In my platter above, I have created a sweet and savory mix. Let us go through each component bit by bit.

The lotion as you part of general body care...and from two weeks ago, we'd gone through the process of creating our gift baskets. More than'll use the set on the day, or use them during the evening as you're getting ready for dinner, and want to have that special scent for that particular day as part of your memory.

For lunch, you can pack something with the main course...something sweet like a strawberry filled jelly donut in order to represent red for Valentine's Day. For the savory portion, you can go ahead and add some flavored crackers. What I have here is some seasoned cheese Snackables. On the market, if you can find flavored Ritz crackers or the jar of $1.00 savory crackers at most dollar spots... you'll be good to go. Rite-Aid for instance...has these all day...and I kept them at my coffee station. The drink itself is what I call my Pink Moscato Mocktail. Turning everything into a party (as the Leo/Virgo I am) is the recipe. Sweeten to can adjust to your desired level of sweet.

1) Strawberry Syrup/Strawberry Juice/Strawberry Tang (adjust to suit your health needs)

2) Freshly squeezed lime juice/Store bought juice/ Lime Flavored Tang

3)One grapefruit

4) Water or tonic water (if you want the bubbly without the buzz)

Scale accordingly. To make a'll need about a tablespoon of items one and two, and one slice of grapefruit and 200 mL of water.

For two liters: 1/2 cup of strawberry syrup, 1/2 cup of lime juice and about 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water.

Taste as you go...and adjust to suit your taste. You can pack a bottle...and a plastic champagne flute for your boo.

Back to the looks:

Look #1: The Valentine's Day princess. The dress above is one that I'd purchased a year ago for the lovely price of $10.00. I've never felt so multi-faceted in this one dress. As a multi-purpose can literally pull up the sleeves, put on pumps and carry a handbag...and enter a boardroom one day...and then pull down the sleeves, change the shoes into my white strappy number...and enter Strawberry Hill for date night. These types of tops are everything to me.

Look #2: Bling Ensemble

In terms of what I felt went this piece...I was thinking strappy heels, or even a pair of rose gold pumps will go with this look. I have a visual from my collection just to give you an idea of the style. In this'll want to coordinate the bag with the you'll either go white bag white shoes...or rose gold bag, with rose gold shoes. This is my favorite of the dresses from my Try-On last week, and I really enjoyed the process of just exploring the racks and discovering pieces to invest in. Treat fashion like an low.

Look #3: Bohemian Princess

This one that I'm definitely having my eye on during the clearance. At US$150 off the's beautiful...but I'm a little more careful with money. Unless I had a wedding to attend, I would save the money for a more high end piece...still admire this one....and just wait for it to clear so that I can I have this. This is another open back piece, and it's the most effortless look for either an evening date night...or a Sunday brunch. When I saw this...I started feeling like this what my inner artist would want to wear on a day to day. I live...with a capital L...for free flowing pieces. When I visualize myself wearing's always a breathable piece like this. There's nothing like wearing clothing that feels like it's part of you. Cotton definitely does this for me. From morning to'll sail through with this. Scent wise...I'd pair it with something like The Body Shop's Moringa Set. You'll instantly feel like an organic millionaire!!

As we flow through our season of love...remember your love language, your partner's love language...and see how you can incorporate the expectations of both into a synergistic union.

I love you for reading!!


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