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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

With Valentine's Day around the corner, now's the time to start thinking about ways to treat that special guy in your life. While we as women can pay less because we get more, and wait like a G for a sale (there's always a thrill in a bargain what can we say)'s perceptions of things and possessions are a little different. They tend to see things and want them now. Here's a list of a few higher end items for that very selective, yet very sophisticated man in your life.

1) The Jord Watch

Inspired by NitraaB, I first saw the Jord watch on her Christmas Gift Guide circa two years ago...and kept it tucked it away in my mind as the perfect gift for that special guy. Jord watches are made of natural materials, particular a wood base, and make the perfect watch for either special occasions, or to dress up a simple work ensemble. Your man will definitely love the look and feel of this watch. For further details, feel free to visit their website, for different styles and selections that will suit his taste.

2) The Wizrd by Future

If your special guy is into music, or if the two of you share that interest, Future's latest album comes highly recommended. I personally give this album five stars. With excellent production and really catchy, and well written lyrics, you'll be entertained for the entire one hour and two minutes of this album. It's hard to be boring when you're continuously crunk! He'll love me! Search for it on your favorite it Spotify or Itunes!

3) An adventure package

The thrill of adventure is something that your significant other will appreciate. If life gets monotonous...there's nothing like a little thrill to spice things up in the relationship! For something new and different, it is always a good idea to explore the surroundings. If the Earth is no longer a challenge to him...the sky or the race track is the next limit.

Various local companies all over offer sky diving lessons. Feel free to investigate, and find out if there are any special packages that you can purchase. Groupon often offers deals on such activities, so feel free to research and take advantage of the packages that are on offer.

These are just a few ideas for Valentine's Day. Regardless of the season, there are always ways to surprise your man. Make him little care packages or simply show up at work and have lunch with him on a random Tuesday.

I love you for reading!!! Song of the day!!!


**Dr T**

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