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We Can Work From Home...On the Beach

Beach Chairs and Bench
Working From Home...On The Beach

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."- Steve Jobs

Welcome back to the blog!!

Life is good...and all is well. For this blog's purpose...I will definitely say that life is Irie because I was in Dryland Tourist mode this week. For those who are new...Dryland Tourist is my alter ego...the traveller in me. I honestly can't sit that still for months at a time...there's always a point where my spirit decides that I must go somewhere...even if it's to take a walk in my neighborhood. Freedom is what keeps us happy. As an employee in a hybrid work's actually a lovely existence. For sixty percent of the week one gets to dress up and work from the office and for the other forty percent of the week I have the privilege of working from home. Eventually...working from home starts to feel like that part of the summer where every day feels the same...and you anticipate returning to a routine of something new, fresh and different.

While part of me revels in the fact that I still get to sleep in on a actually does get to the point where after about three months of sleeping in on the gets a little tired of the routine. So I did what all adventurous people do...and asked myself the grand question: "How do I make working from home...exciting?" The response from my inner voice..."Don't work at home...find a quiet space in somewhere relaxing and you can accomplish what you accomplish at home...yet feel like you're on vacation."

And...I ended up doing exactly that. On what should have been a work at home Thursday...yours truly woke up at 6 dressed and headed to Port Royal to work at home...from the beach.


While I don't know if I'll ever be a digital nomad...there is something about the concept of it that speaks to me. Of course...this concept is applicable wherever you are. If there's a park near can work from home from the park for instance. Here in Kingston, Emancipation Park has wi-fi so you can work from home at the park if there's one near you. If you don't want to go far...and have a can work from home from your garden. It does make a difference...because you won't feel so confined by the four walls, and be soaking in fresh air and sunshine. Here are the advantages I've found from finding a nice work space outside of the house:

a) There are less distractions. While I'm good at managing my schedule...there are often times when I'm sitting at my desk and I'll be aware that I need to do something related to the house. I'm thinking about what's for dinner, or if I need to refresh my bed sheets because these spaces and items are what I see as I walk around the house. If I'm not at home...yet in a scene that's not work...I can still concentrate and get things done without feeling distracted. I'm disconnected from distractions, and connected to my task. A quiet beach or a quiet park accomplishes this mission. Because most people are at work or school during the day, you'll actually be undisturbed. From the image can see that I was literally the only person at the beach for the few hours that I was there on this particular Thursday morning. Don't try this on a Saturday when everyone and their kids will be at the beach. You need the serenity in order to get things done.

b) You get to relax. There's something magical about being able to read on the beach. I can't tell you how many exams I've aced...because I've studied for them by a beach. You get to feel the cool breeze, drink a cool drink and just build a vibe and be in your element.

c) You'll actually want to go to work more. Many of us are in the cycle of going to work then the supermarket or picking up the children, then heading home. Eventually that does get monotonous. If you find yourself working from a hotel for a few'll actually get ideas for future vacations for instance, and feel inspired to actually want to go to work in order to get funds to take you and your family to Riu in the summer for instance. By being somewhere you enjoy that is the fruit of your'll actually be motivated to go to work. Everything that you do will have more purpose.

How My Day Went: Working from the Beach

I was more motivated, because I was going somewhere fun. I left home at 6 30 am and was in Port Royal by 7 30 am with a few stops along the way. I arrived there at pretty much the same time that I arrive at work...except it was just me and the breeze and the sea. I found a work space, a beautiful blue and red deck chair ensemble. The 8 am sunshine is pretty "cool" so I sat by the beach and started to read a text book of mine.

The intention for any workspace you find is that you can actually have a workspace that fulfills your desires. Parks always have chairs and tables for picnics, and this space that I chose had facilities that both tables and seating. If I had a laptop, I could place it on the table and work from there for about four hours. Four hours is a good amount of time to get things done. After want to explore and inspire yourself for actual work the next day.

And inspire myself I did. I took a walk...

Welcome to my crib! These are the beautiful gates to the Grand Port Royal Marina Hotel, aka Morgan's Harbour Hotel. This place is great for night, dinners with family and a midday mojito if you're in the area. As a port, the hotel actually hosts yachts who are sailing through Jamaica. There are various places to dock, but in the Kingston Harbour Grand Port Royal actually is the place to be. There are hotel rooms, a pool and the restaurant to keep you entertained.

The hotel was closed for practically all of 2020 due to Covid 19, so to arrive and find it open (partially) was a relief for me. I spent some time on the upper deck of the building, and found another little space where I could work from home...on the deck and overlook the ocean. It was approximately 9 am when I got here and not a soul was upstairs. I also calculated that if one came here to work...they could comfortably do so until lunch time or so...and then mingle or head home.

I went a little further up the road and discovered the new port as well. This was actually refreshing to see. In the middle of the sea and sand is this picturesque port, recently built for management of shipping logistics. The coast guard is around as well, and they all coordinate in order to get the goods to your doorstep.

As a very interactive day, much was accomplished. For those who work from home for's a blessing that we'll surely miss when the pandemic ends. I'm taking the time to enjoy it while it lasts. It's so much not have to be at your desk for a few hours. The Universe did make space for me to enjoy myself today...and I am grateful.

During this particular week...I'm not the only one who woke the weather forecast and saw that thunderstorms were scheduled for the day...yet looked up at the sky...saw some blue and still proceeded to go to the beach!! When I reached the beach...the sky was as blue as the first blue sky created...and the day proceeded as normal. I'm still here waiting for it to rain...and I doubt it will:) Those are the best days!!

I love you for reading!! Make the most of working from home. I'm what you call a partial homebody. If there's food...I'll happily stay in. If I need to go to the supermarket...I will get up early...and by the beach or a poolside...then get food and reach home by midday and enjoy the rest of my day. When I really have to go to work...I appear at the gate with the biggest smile on my face!!! As Voltaire once said..."I have chosen to be happy for it is good for my health.


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