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Wedding Visions: Choosing A Wedding Dress Part One

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One of the grand visions for this channel is to factor in event planning. This week signifies the beginning of my wedding series. Once per month, I will feature one aspect of wedding planning, that will helpful to brides, bridesmaids and even grooms. One event in our lives that is critical to our life experience is the wedding experience, and it is always helpful to factor in differing perspectives when it comes to planning and participating in a wedding.

Today's blog post is written in partnership with Beautiful Brides and Mr Tux, in Kingston Jamaica. As a multipurpose center, the location is the ideal venue to either host your wedding or simply purchase or rent the dresses, tuxedoes and accessories that will be part of your union. Most people at some point dream of their own wedding. The realities of having a wedding, are what we eventually face. Regardless of the price point, there's always a way. Today's installment will feature an introduction to choosing a wedding dress. As with all things, I've found that the best way to know what type of dress will work for you, is to work with your wedding consultant, and also try dresses on. For this blog post, I tried on for your viewing pleasure two types of dresses: a ballgown and a more fitted mermaid wedding dress.


Early childhood memories often center around fairytales. The first movie I ever watched was Cinderella - the Disney version. Most women, often picture their childhood selves, as princesses. To encapsulate that look, the ballgown is the ideal piece that represents the grown princess, who's transforming into a queen. Finding the look that you'll both love and feel comfortable in on your wedding day, does take some time. With a myriad of silhouettes, trains, veils, necklines, and designs to choose from, the process can be overwhelming. When you start the process of deciding what works for you:

a) Find inspiration: One of the best places I personally go for inspiration is Pinterest. Once you've envisioned the theme and venue of your wedding, the next step that works is to choose a dress that will work in that venue, and work with you. Create a portfolio with images you'll feel like you love, book an appointment with your closest boutique, and enter the space with an open heart.

b) Talk with your consultant: I did my research, and when I walked into the venue, my consultant actually told me to have an open mind, and that based on my body she knew exactly what to pull for me to try on. I let her work her magic, and the results are what you see.

When I arrived for my appointment, I had visions of three types of dresses that I wanted to try on for the shoot: Ballgown, Mermaid and a couture look. Based on our available time, I managed to shoot the first two looks. Putting on and taking off a wedding work!! The ballgown above is from the MoriLee Collection, available through the company's catalogue, which I will link below. What drew me to this piece was the detailed and beautiful beading, the sweetheart neckline.

For my petite frame however, I found that the dress actually overwhelmed my frame, and moving about had to be a careful operation (eg...if you moved too fast, you'd feel like you were about to trip on the tulle because it's so bulky). With the full thick fabric, the entire dress moves with you as you traverse a room. What I was thinking about when I was trying on this dress was how it would feel across a wedding day. In terms of functionality, I'd definitely wear this to the ceremony itself, take my wedding pictures in this beautiful number, and then wear a lighter reception dress later on. The sheer weight itself can overwhelm a small frame, so factor this in as you make your purchase decision. The back of the ballgown is shown below.

What I loved about this piece, is the corset detailing. The dress also comes fitted with an internal zip, which is then covered by the corset. Adding a light veil and a tiara, you have the complete look.


The Mermaid Silhouette is one that works well on petite frames. The difference between the two dresses, when I tried them, was like night and day. When I wore this piece, I felt like a more sophisticated bride, and the dress itself was very effortless and chic. I felt like I was wearing a cloud in this. The feeling I got from this was that I could comfortably transition from my ceremony to my reception, without the need to change into a new dress. Even after say, 24 hours in a piece like actually wouldn't feel like you were weighed down. From the initial image in this blog post, you can see that the fit is effortless, sophisticated with the light rouching, and I feel like many brides who only want to wear one dress for the wedding ceremony would appreciate a piece like this.

The back detail on this dress is also beautiful, and corseted. You will need the help of your bridesmaids in order to ensure that the final fit is correct. Once on though, you'll be secure for the rest of the wedding day, because your dress will fit like a glove! I love this!


While the gamut of wedding accessories is quite expansive, for the two pieces that I tried in this shoot, the accessories that completed both looks were:

a) Tiara: While you may or may not envision yourself as a tiara girl, try one on when you go to your fitting. You'll get a feel for how your entire wedding dress will look. For the mermaid dress above, with the simple baseline of the dress, the tiara and veil add a touch of pizzazz that makes the ensemble look chic and fabulous.

b) Jewellry: With matching bedazzled earrings and necklace, both ensembles were delicately accentuated, without making the look too gaudy. With both pieces being strapless numbers, your neck and shoulders will be exposed. Aside from body lotion and body bronzers, your jewellry will make your wedding dress more complete.

c) Hairstyle: I wore a bun for this piece, and it worked quite well. Interestingly, if you want to determine the best style for you, experiment and see what you find. With a tiara and veil, you'll have to figure out what will work best for you across the day.

As the series progresses, we'll expand more on wedding dress choices, and start venturing into the details of things like venue choice, and menu creation. Year long, we'll keep expanding. This is just the beginning.

Thanks to Beautiful Brides and Mr Tux for partnering with me on this shoot! For further details on wedding planning visit their website here!

I love you for reading!!


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