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Week #5: Settled Flow and Vacation Planning Part One

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Happy Monday!!

I hope your week goes as you anticipate!!! If you are part of my team...we are all going in the for WIN in 2019! We've all committed to be focused on our goals...and to take the action steps to fulfill them. If you're here from my YouTube channel, this a follow-up to last Saturday's video. I have restarted my channel in 2019, and literally only have one subscriber ( I appreciate you!) after an approximately six month run in 2018.

The feeling of starting fresh is something that I always welcome. I guess these things are fun when you're Other more settled persons don't always see things from your perspective...but trust me...there's a thrill that comes with owning your own creations. This time around...I'm more focused with my channel's theme and will do my best to deliver what I can, with the means that I have. What I love about YouTube is the grassroots feel to it...and the fact that I can take my time and build my content at my own pace. I don't currently watch other person's channels...I simply create from the inspirations around me. As a student and tutor...I am fully engaged in the week, and the weekends and early mornings allow me to be creative with my blog and channel. If you haven't already done subscribe. I promise the content gets better with I evolve.

From my blog's flow...I did indicate that in Quarter Two of 2019, I would be going on a one week vacation in June. Vacations or small breaks at least four times per year is something that I'm used to...and last year I didn't give myself a chance to indulge because I was so focused on becoming independent. To restore myself...I've decided that this year...I'm treating myself and returning to normalcy in all aspects of my life in a very phased but manageable manner. My true nature is that of a I've started identifying potential places that I will visit on my current well as to inform you all of what you can do as alternatives if you're a similar thinker to myself. This is a movement after's not all about me!!! Personally, I've done the entire spectrum from high end to you're in good hands. My 2019 will be one of evolution, so I'm starting the year with a simpler vacation, and then ending it with a more elaborate one in December. The central theme that I'm focusing on for my just ensuring that I am taking the time out for myself to periodically rest and recharge...OUTSIDE of the home sphere.

Last Saturday, I started discussing the mid-year vacation. This vacation is my budget one...but by no means less in terms of quality than the bigger vacation that I have planned down the year. I'd mentioned that as a local in Jamaica...I am experienced enough in the terrain to identify where I love in terms of rest and relaxation. I'm what you call a "Dry-Land Tourist". I'm the type who'll lay a blanket on the back lawn and "tan". Lol. This what happens when you live in England for two For vacation number one... I've chosen to spend a week in Portland, Jamaica. Portland is my favorite parish and I've started looking at some villas as options. Using Airbnb, because I'm currently on a budget...I've started finding affordable places for approximately US$45.00 per night. Next week...I'll do a high end review of my Hyatt Ziva experience...but as a start...let's keep it simple with a vacation that all of us can that no one feels excluded.

As a start, my week's budget is US $500.00 inclusive of:

1) Car Rental

2) Accommodation

3) Food

4) Entertainment ( I won't really party this round...just beach and waterfalls and Blue Lagoon. I need peace)

In the image one of the cottages at Mango Ridge, in Port Antonio. This is option #1. Still thinking...but I promised to show you the process of thinking aloud as I progress. The Airbnb review can be found here. So far...I see that the cottages have a five star review, and that the hosts are awesome. From the can see that they're on a hill, and that the cottages are pretty much immersed in the lush vegetation. If you're a writer...this seems like the ideal serene getaway. What I need to identify where Mango Ridge is...compared to the other attractions that I want to that I can create a decision matrix (oh yes) and establish comparisons with the two other places of a similar price.

Your exercise for the week is to simply assess where you are...and identify cute places that you can staycation. Either that...or one place where you can do something like hike/attend a waterpark/indoor hike for a day...and use that as your mid-year break from the stresses of the world. Doing this one simple thing...will make going to work so much easier. Trust me...on Friday...even though I have one last shift of students...just knowing that the outcome is the above...makes the process less strenuous!! Practicing what I write!!

Enjoy the day!!! Write again tomorrow!!!


**Dr T**

P.S. Audiobook of the week thanks to YouTube: The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Still dreaming about making money while I sleep:)

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