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Week Six: Staying Motivated!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

As yours truly prepares for another work week...I've started processing the thoughts of self-love in my meditations. After yesterday's discussion re my landlady...I've decided that now is the best time to engage in such practices. They say that you must judge not...and for the past three weeks I've been experiencing what it's like to be judged...from both the home and the work sphere. Fortunately, life has rearranged itself in the work I'm much happier overall:) I think I'd mentioned in my social media purge article that one of the supervisors at work was Whatsapp stalking me...and that's the only reason why I keep my phone off when I'm at home...lolololol. This was the supervisor whose group I was eventually transferred I'm practically free from her misery now. Lolololol part two. There are some people that find you so fascinating (sarcasm) that they seem to watch your every move, and make assumptions about your life...when all you're doing is fulfilling your destiny. Life is good...and all is well!! There's no perfection in life...and we just have to make the most of what comes on a daily or weekly basis. I think that certain experiences are really just tests to see how best we react to people and their insecurities. For the next few months...I've set myself the simple task...of just being CALM...and not getting worked up about people and their egos. This process of calm...allows me to be in a state of focused flow as life itself...just unfolds. I'm in a state of general you all know. The sequence is simply work...then vacation:) I live for the fun!

Knowing that I'm not unique in my experiences...I've discovered that there's a point at which you simply detach, and allow yourself to just focus on your mission. I've been doing what's recommended...deep breathing, listening to music as I work (I'm writing this blog article to 528 Hz music by ZenLifeRelax)...and just allowing my day to unfold beautifully, and peacefully. Additionally, you really don't know what's going on in people's from that perspective...I've started being more empathetic of those who are seeming to be a thorn in the current rose experience. still:)

At this stage of the exercise...we are at week six of twelve!!! With just about a month and a half till the semester ends...motivation is getting a little harder to achieve. As mentioned...when the time comes...I do perform...but the process of waking up...and jumping out of bed...isn't there any more. It's more like wake up...and snooze for an hour and then encourage myself to get up. Lol. I am normal!!! The middle of the generally like this. I also find that I haven't been exercising as much as I used I must ensure that I start being a little bit more active...even if it just means stretching in my room for half an hour each day. Every little bit of activity counts.

I head into Kingston today...for another busy day in the lab. Hopefully you all are motivated on your missions!!! What are the things you do to ignore the naysayers or general annoyances in your life? They are everywhere...and have the potential to deplete your be careful. Where you can...change your environment like I did...and you'll find an increased semblance of peace...and an ability to function better.

Stay focused...and have a great day!!! you the blog's National Holiday since I leave home around 6 15 am. Seven more weeks!!!


**Dr T**

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