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Weekly Update: Refreshed and Recharged

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“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” ― Maya Angelou

Happy Day,

Yours truly just took a day off on Wednesday to relax and allow myself to just de-stress. I mean...even though I'm not really on anyone else's time but my own...we all have those days when we just feel like doing nothing. If you remember the movie Eat Pray Love...when Julia Robert's character went to Italy...she learned the "subtle art of doing nothing". You literally have to calm your mind to this state or else you'll feel like you always have to have something to do. Every now and then...I allow myself to do this. That's what the past two days were about.

I'm still exercising and last night was like a session ( aka party for those who aren't Jamaican) in my suite. Essentially...since you guys know I love Rihanna because she empowers women...I have been vicariously celebrating the launch of her Fenty clothing line (as I'm sure we all Same for Jaclyn Hill's launch of her brand which is a true labor of love if you ever listen to her story. We really all have to fight for our dreams. I night I decided that my exercise tracks would be to Rihanna. For those who love her music...your exercise session ends up turning into a sing along...and club session at one time. In the middle of your jumping'll want to stop and twerk. Lol. Which is exactly what happened to me!!! You're there going..."'s time to stretch" and then "Hard" with Young Jeezy comes on...and lose what count you're on. You literally just find yourself...immersed in the fantabulous...flow!!

Life is good and all is well! I have to constantly remind myself of this in the two months that I have left in the house. You all know the feeling you have when you're ready for change. I'm literally here going..."Well...I have about fifty five nights left in the house!" Lol. It is time female return to Pride Rock...and return to the life you know you deserve. I now solemnly declare that the only other persons I'm living with for the rest of my life are future hubby and our future children.

So yes...the rest was well warranted. Today as I've taken the time to reflect, I'm allowing myself to take action for the eight weeks that I have left in the house. I'm declaring to you all that I'm on Whatsapp purge for the days. Social an interesting place (my former coworkers are still there and I'm releasing the past)...and Whatsapp is one of those places where I find that the less I change my the happier I am...while on Instagram and YouTube and the blog...I'm ready to tell the world my entire story.

That's just the nature of life...just follow your bliss. With eight weeks left in the house...I'm gearing up for change! I will keep you posted on my progress!!


**Dr T**

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