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Happy Saturday!!!

I hope the day finds you well. My video for today will be late...but do enjoy today's blog post while you wait:) Sometimes...I wake up early in the mornings...and eventually fall asleep when I realize...that on days like today...I don't have to force myself to do things. I'm sure we all get caught up in the fact that in the week...we're on the go...and when Saturday arrives...we feel that we must be rushing again. I'm forcing SLEEP till about 10 am today.

When it comes to home management...eventually...I'll look like the woman shopping in the image. If you ever watched the movie The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith...he talks about life going through stages as you are accomplishing a dream. When I lived at was just down the stairs and in the pantry or the fridge.

Three weeks into the independence is now time to start shopping again. As I was moving...we had a supermarket I managed to stock up for about two weeks. Now that the stock depleted...I've been having some random food adventures. I've described where I live...yes I'm in the country...but I have easy access to transport and commute into Kingston to work. The highway is about five minutes from else I wouldn't have made the transition. It takes me forty minutes to reach Kingston when there's no traffic...which is why I prefer the fact that I start work at 2 pm. The change...allows me to leave home at 11 am and still be on time. In the morning's another story. It literally takes three hours because of traffic.

Tomorrow...we'll take a look at Tandy's dream house...for our goals discussion. It is about a ten minute walk from here. Every morning...on the way to work...I pass this place and WISH I had a replica like it. Lololol. I've set a 2021 intention to buy a house...but as we mentioned...there are a few steps we have to take before we get there...and right now...that's tackling places like the supermarket. Walk...then run.

The supermarket adventures began...this past Thursday...and while this may be the most simple of my blogs yet...I find that with each passing day...I'm actually fulfilling my dreams and making progress. Food prices are way cheaper than in the city...and I find myself accomplishing the objective of still being able to live...AND save money for my PhD in a few months. In the weeks to come...I'll do an economic analysis (I need to make use of the three semesters in the and show exactly how I budget, what proportion I have saved, and what I allocate for what in terms of percentages.

The world...apparently has got jokes!!! Yesterday...while commuting to work (I did announce that my car Ruby was sold on June 27, 2018)...we encountered a man going through a divorce. This is while everyone else is singing along to my Valentine's day songs. I take various shuttles ( I learned the ropes by now...yes!!) and they often have either movies...or music for the journey. This particular one...had a nice R&B mix. We reached the part where the mix was playing Mariah Carey's "I still believe"...and the man just randomly shouted out..." that song one more time for me!!!" So the driver paused the track...and repeated. Half way through the song...same request. And he indulged again. Half way through the second run...same story! So the entire group turns to look at him as if to say..."What is going on?"

The patois. "Mi sorry...this song is healing me. Me and mi wife a bruk up...and is the only solace I can find." And we pretty much all heard his story in the middle of trying to get to work. Lol. The moral in my that compatibility is key. BEFORE I went to Cleveland...yours truly tried to be with my diametric opposite and life wouldn't have it. Lol. For those who truly know me...I'm really more like Missy Lynn at her MDay 29!!! I loved that weekend. Lol. Tandy...LIVES for the club and the beach...and I was attempting to be with someone...that did neither of those things. When I tell you neither...I mean...a detailed lecture on why alcohol is bad for you...while I'm always in the mood for Smirnoff Ice or a Red Stripe sorrel. (I need to add beer to my supermarket list).

Eventually find what's right! Sleeping!!! Have a good Saturday!!!

We need to stay here's F&N, by Future. I'm also...currently listening to The Wizrd! I use my


**Dr T**

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