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What All Millennials Eventually Learn: The Patience Principle

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"Be like a Powerhouse...Generate Your Own Energy!!" - Brendon Burchard

Happy Day!!!

I hope you people are doing well!!! I'm re-emerging. That Brendon Burchard quote resonates with me...since I'm a power engineer. I apply the principles to my own life...and learn how to ensure that I am facing the world with my own power. As cheesy as it sounds...there's power in being a thermostat and not a thermometer. Thankfully, due to my energy management principles, I'm able to periodically withdraw from social media. This principle is what I've used to ensure that I'm not overwhelmed by information overload. The key to life is to be happy and satisfied with your own journey, yet appreciate what other's are doing. You learn from others so I'm not isolated. At times I'm quiet...but as we all know...seeds grow best in the warm soil and sometimes it's just let them germinate while the rest of life flows. The world doesn't need to know everything...only what you feel to share with them. I learn a lot from social media. I think one of these days, I'll give a tribute to those YouTube channels that changed my life...along with my own creation. I do everything from watch Infinite I don't judge!!! I don't need to be serious every day. In your life, you need balance...and sometimes the best way to understand yourself is to know what's happening within...before you are able to understand what's happening external to you.

I took some time off to think through things as I'm going through my move experience. I'm sure every millennial at some point in my journey, has experienced what I'm currently going through. The final ten days...of an experience that you're done and over with!! All you really can WAIT it out!! Trust me...with a little calmness...the day always comes! Ten days...out of the 105 years that I'll be bearable:) There's a peace that comes over you...and you just flow!! Nothing really matters, and you just count the days to the change. I don't know how else to explain it! If any one ever watched Avon's campaigns, you'll remember that their slogan is "Hello...TOMORROW!!!" The future is I welcome it!!

As the final phase of 2019 is approaching...I've decided to return to my gym theme song. I did declare that after the week of eating black forest cake...that it was back to our workouts!! Once upon a time, during her first year of business school, Tandose M, would be in the gym at 5 am... working out...and listening to Ace Hood's Hustle Hard Remix before I faced my lecture and project flow. I posted my hill workout on my Instagram channel so feel free to check it out!! I would walk to school...listening to Rihanna's "Hard". It's a hype generating song. You need good energy when you're called on to I know where to get it! It is time for us to return to that flow. A break is just a break. It's not forever!!!

I was home last week I went home for two weekends straight after being away for a good eight months. Both weekends were celebration oriented thankfully!!! Weekend one was a birthday celebration. Weekend two was a send off for one of my younger siblings. We sent him off on his life adventures and went out for dinner. So yes....I'm here living and just allowing life to flow!!!

While I'm living...I'm just allowing myself to be. I'm not in a full flow because I'm currently in transition, but I'll resume my posting. Just to give you an idea of what I'm currently up to. I'm currently packing. I talked about the process of the purge the other day, and thought it a good idea to explain the items that I've been purging while I'm in transition:

1) My decorative items. For the past eight months, I kept a simple arrangements on my chest of drawers. I knew that I wasn't going to be here for long, so I took items from home that I'd be able to easily dispose of. In the above image, I did a lot of DIY projects in my organization. The tray, you may recall is a picture frame that I'd re-purposed. When I had my house prior to leaving for school, I had twin picture frames, with my undergrad degree in one and my Master's in the other one. Since I'm currently moving, the two degrees are in their cases, and I took some red wrapping paper (for those who remember the DIY) and simply placed it where I had my degrees. I've been using the frame as a tray ever since. I'd gotten this idea from a video that TheUnfrumpMommyLife had posted way back in the I think she had re-done her beauty room, and had installed some designer print in hers, and I needed inspiration for my study so placed a design that was fitting of my decor. Those two bottles are clay bottles that my brother had brought from his travels. In terms of what I kept, it was pretty much just the two wooden candle frames, my perfumes, trophy, bag and the journal. Everything else was disposed of, since they served their purpose. In the next few months, we'll be able to spruice up my new place, so I'll take you on those adventures. Purging is a good thing, so I'm ensuring that I do this. Release the old, so that you can embrace the new!

2) My books: I have lots of books, and decided that I'd carry them to the local library. Since Saturday, I've been purging books. I carried some to the local library here in May Pen, and then the balance I just placed in the bin outside our home. The room itself is now practically empty.

3) I've been purging clothes the whole summer, and sharing with you I've simply packed away those items that I will not be wearing for the next ten days, and the items that I need will be organized on the day that I'm actually leaving.

YOUR TURN: Is there anything that you've been wanting to release? Only when you do that, will you be a position to embrace that which is for you!!


**Dr T**

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