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What I Got For Christmas 2: The Essentials

"When mama is happy...Everyone's happy" - Every woman on Earth

Today's blog post is a continuation of my previous fashion posts. Somehow in my writing flow, I'd gotten so caught up in the shoe haul from my Collectibles Christmas gift card, that I somehow forgot to mention that I'd stopped in the clothing section of Collectibles and picked up some much needed underwear. Bear in mind that we all have our body comfort zones, so at this point, I'm not yet in the state to be a Savage X model...although in my mind...I am. Cue our themesong: Rihanna "Skin". I love the campaign. I love everything that Rihanna and Beyonce do fashionwise, and for the entire summer of 2019...Fenty and Savage X were coming through!! I had made a few notes that I'd top up on a few pieces when I got a chance, and thankfully I was gifted at Christmas, and managed to accomplish my mission. I'll take my time to go through the pieces that I purchased, so that you can get a feel...for what I'll be wearing under my corporate pieces, and even at home office wear. Once you feel good at the base level, it'll trickle up to the rest of your external confidence.

Set #1: Image one above is the first set that I pieced together over the holidays. Interestingly, the combination was not planned. I bought the two pieces separately, and it turned out to be the perfect match! Let's start with the panties. I actually purchased these in DownTown Kingston. I'd promised to do a DownTown haul, but essentially since I'm in back to work mode and running a business mode...I utilize most of my capital to keep my website up and running and to stock up on my inventory. In the DownTown area, there are wholesale stores, that have pieces like intimates for lower price points than the uptown department stores. At this point...I do my try-ons in department stores, and purchase my actual pieces either from the wholesales or from the department store clearance racks because they cost the same at that point once the overheads are removed from the price. If you can get good deals. I'm just being smart with my money. If I'm only buying basics and need them right away, I buy in bulk in the wholesale. For the panties, I went for a french pink polkadot theme, and somehow when I went to Collectibles, I was able to pick up this silver bra-let that goes perfectly with the grey polkadots in the panties, and the grey bow. What I love about the bra-let, is that it gives full coverage, and you can actually wear it seamlessly under your tops. There is full support, the bra-let is padded, and there is minimal lines showing through if you decide to wear a top like a T-shirt over the bra. It fits pretty snugly and is quite comfortable. Both Woolworth's and Collectibles carry this Renee Rofe.

Set #2: Silver and Black Bra-let

I liked the style of silver and grey bra-let, so I went ahead and purchased it in black and silver. You can actually see the lace detail a little better in this one. In terms of my pairings...I love to colour coordinate, so I'll go ahead and pair these with white or black panties, of a similar design to the ones above. For an every day look, I find that the combination is comfortable enough, yet still chic and sexy.

Set #3: Nude Bra-let

I love this bra-let by a brand called Flawless. I keep nudes as a staple in my closet. When I saw this...I was thinking that I'd be able to wear this under a sheer top, and be able to style this in a manner that would be an occasion like a brunch appropriate. I'll search for the top that I'd pair this with. I have probably one piece in my closet that can go with this, and that's my black sheer top...with a slight snakeskin print. In terms of the bras themselves, these are three additions I have to my current closet. I think it's a good addition.


The beauty about building out my closet, is the fact that with time I can grow and expand. I have scanned the corporate area, and I identified where my ideal price points are for certain pieces. Every quarter, I do change my baseline underwear. I just like the feeling of having fresh new pieces in my closet, especially if these are pieces that I'll be wearing every week for most weeks. Every three months, I replace the entire every day set. For special pieces that I use less often, those last longer and I tend to keep those for a few years.


Our washing machine is a for the really delicate pieces, I simply hand wash in gentle soap like Tril, and then I soak in fabric softener like Downy. I currently love Downy, because it's affordable. You can get it in the $1.50 bottles, which last forever and day when it comes to the fact that you only use it for your delicate pieces. Handwashing allows them to last longer, because the machine agitator (even if you place the pieces in a delicates bag), tends to really wring the pieces and can even stretch them in the agitation process. To let my pieces last longer, I choose to handwash the pieces. If I'm in a rush of course, I'll do the occasional machine wash...but if I'm not in a rush, I take the half an hour to ensure that everything is cleaned.

The closet is growing and expanding!! With the base covered, we can work on more clothes for work now!! Let's see how this goes!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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