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What's on the Menu? : Bun AND Cheese

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Easter means many things for many people. For those who are religious, it means a focus on the life of Jesus. For those who are not, it usually means carnival, staying home for the weekend, or travelling out of town for the weekend. For those those are hybrids, you somehow manage to sprinkle in a fusion of the various elements so that you don't feel left out. FOMO is real in the millennial generation. On the food side however, everyone somehow manages to WIN. Easter is all about the win.

In my weekly supermarket excursions, yours truly somehow noticed that the mountain of buns in the supermarket was getting bigger, and bigger. As a student/teacher right now, I tend to be immersed in the semester's flow, and only when I'm out in the real world do I realize that there are happenings and occasions such as holidays in full swing. Every day can become one big blur when you're on your grind.

Easter for my family, was travelling out of town. For a good ten years ( you know how they say that when you're young your brain exaggerates let's just say it felt like the ten years between 5 and 15) we just happened to go to Treasure Beach, in St Elizabeth. My parents would book a villa, and between the beach, homework, and the beach again...we'd have Easter Bun and Easter eggs, and the Easter marshmallows (you all know the ones...they looked like ducks. All that sappiness. I will repeat on my own Bun is a tradition in most British based entities, and Jamaica is a former colony of Britain. As usual...after a while we just added our own twist. The formula is not the same as the British buns. We usually have our buns...with cheddar cheese. In the new week...I'll try and do my bun review. There is bun...and then there is...BUN. The following is the inspiration image.

Image Credits: News Americas Now

Fortunately...for this week's recipe the prep time is about fifteen minutes or less. Bun usually comes in a box, and you'll have to take the time to slice it evenly if you're serving for a family. The cheese itself, depending on how you purchase it, may also come in a tin. Carefully slice the cheese as well, in about medium thickness slices just as outlined in the image.

For every sandwich, you will need two slices of bun and one slice of cheese. Make a sandwich, and set aside. One medium sized bun will serve a family of four, since most persons tend to go for seconds...or my

Bun and cheese can be had as either a stand alone snack after a big meal such as lunch time. You can usually have it circa 4 pm after a 1 pm or midday lunch, or serve it as the dessert for lunch...or as a post dinner snack. As usual, with your bun you can include your favorite beverages...although for some interesting reason...the best beverage that I have found goes with the milk!! A tall cold glass of milk is the perfect complement to your bun and cheese. Additionally, if you're having this at dinner time, bun and cheese goes extremely well with a cup of hot chocolate. In the day time, you can have it with your favorite drinks such as sodas or fruit juices.

In the new week, I'll make sure I purchase a bun and some cheese. I started doing this when I started working, so it's a tradition that I'll continue. Even when can find bun on Amazon or in the traditional once again folks...the no excuses life. Additionally, if you search really large chains like Tesco...they usually have an international foods section and you should be able to find it there. I actually found all the ingredients for a traditional Jamaican Christmas Tesco.

Have a good rest of the day!!!


**Dr T**

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