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What's on the Menu?: Corned Beef Sandwiches

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With the challenge to eat well on a budget still underplay, yours truly decided to expand the food range a little bit. On my current journey, I've been shopping at the Michael Ming Supermarket in May Pen. With the current semester and its flow (for those from my YouTube Channel you'd know that I slept out the Saturday) I didn't go to the supermarket this past weekend. As a result, for dinner this evening, I'll have to make something quick and easy after work. I've discovered that there's a big Hi-Lo in Spanish Town, which I pass on the way home in the evenings. I stopped by there on the way home last Friday when I was preparing my sausage and fries, so I'll repeat the process this evening. While I was in the process of purchasing my ketchup...there was a woman behind me with a steak and A1 we'll make a roast at the end of the semester. I was inspired!!! It was like seeing the light. #Goals

As you know...the theme of my life is to make every stage and phase luxurious. Even on a budget, one must always be a DIVA. Tonight...on Tandy's gourmet The Corned Beef Sandwich. To make this fanciness you will need:

1) Hard Dough Bread, or any thick bread you can find.

2) Corned Beef ( I personally like Grace since I'm in Jamaica. The others tend to be too fatty. It's not like I don't need the weight, but I don't want to develop clogged arteries in the process.)

3) Lettuce

4) Some good cheese. While not a cheese connoisseur, Tastee cheese will do for the night...but if you have the time...get a cheese mix. Pepper Jack or any spicy cheese will give the sandwich that extra spice. Variety is the spice of life.

5) Your condiments of choice. Relish, ketchup, mustard are my staples.

6) Tomato

To wash it all down, since I'm feeling vacation vibes, I will make a nice glass of Pineapple Tang. Additionally, the Tru-Juice Pineapple is everything! With drink mixes, it's always nice to have them as a baseline. I tend to do things like add actual fruit to mine, or squeeze in a lime or something to that effect. I don't use them plain most of the time.

I hope this inspires you for the day! I will make the creation this evening!!! Have a great day!! Just flowing. One of the tennets that I'm living by is finding happiness within. As long as you keep moving forward...on the road to doing something that you'll be happy!!!


**Dr T**

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