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What's On The Menu?: Jamaican Breadfruit

"You see seh poverty no real what the reasoning revealing" - Chronixx

Yours truly has always lived on the outskirts of town. As far as I can recall, this has always been the case. For the interim, I literally live in the country, just about ten minutes from the highway. In the backyard, is a bearing breadfruit tree. I thought it would be nice for me to discuss a few ways that I enjoy the lovely fruit known as breadfruit. As you can see, the breadfruit is pretty big. Two can actually feed a family, and you'll probably still have some left over for part of breakfast the next day.

As the quote above states, it's talking about the illusion of poverty. Growing up with lots of fruit trees and vegetables around, it is easy to see why the statement is proving to be true. If you simply search your surroundings, you will find the relevant supplements to your diet that you'll need. If you have your own home, it is always a good idea to plant lots of trees, not only for the shade they'll provide, but you'll also have your own source of food later down the line. For those who want that organic life, managing your own garden is the way to go. When I visit my parents each month, I will showcase bits and pieces of the fruit and vegetable garden.

In my parents backyard, there are lots of fruit trees. These include: Apple, Mango, Orange, Sweetsops, Breadfruit and Banana. On the vegetable side, they love pumpkins, and tomatoes. On the tea side...there's fevergrass and mint. Depending on what's in season, you really don't need to purchase those items from the store, because you can always open the door, step into the yard and simply pick what is needed. At my current location, the same is true. In the backyard are: Breadfruit, Sweetsop and Avocados. While I don't know how to cook breadfruit personally, I will do my best to outline what my helper Shirnette does when she prepares it for us to eat.

1) Roast Breadfruit

When the breadfruit is ripe, it is usually roasted. The roasting process can either take place on the stove. In the country, persons also prepare a small roasting fire and roast the breadfruit outside. The breadfruit is slowly turned on the fire until all sides have equal amounts of exposure to the heat. Usually when the roasting process is finished, the entire exterior of the breadfruit is charred. The next step of this process will be to cut off the outer skin, and serve the inner flesh.

2) Fried Breadfruit

Usually served the next day, once the breadfruit that was roasted is left in the fridge overnight, one might not always want to have it served as it was served the day before. The next stage of the process is to fry the breadfruit. Usually sliced from the roasting process, a nice way to serve breadfruit is via frying it till it's golden brown and then sprinkling it with some salt and pepper. This is how I personally like to have it served.

I'm sure there are a wide variety of possibilities for serving breadfruit, but these are the two main options. If you access to it via any means ( local Supermarket, name it) it's the perfect healthy starch. If you're not in the mood for starches like potatoes or rice, it's always a great alternative to try if you want to try a different approach to your meal planning.

Happy Eating!! Health is your wealth!!


**Dr T**

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